Thursday, March 3, 2016

If Pets Had Thumbs Day

FROM CAT CHAT WITH CAREN AND CODY: Another throwback!! This is from 2015 with some minor editing.

Hi all it's Cody! Well, it's Cody DICTATING this post to my incompetent human Mom. Which leads me to the point of this blog post.

As many of you know, today happens to be If Pets Had Thumbs Day, (or, in MY world, and for purposes of this post, it is If CATS Had Thumbs Day!)

No one seems to know the exact origin of this day (no surprise there, just add it to the ever-growing list of mindless holidays which in reality mean nothing, but hey, they are FUN, right?) So, without further pussyfooting around, just exactly WHAT would THIS cat do if he had thumbs?

Well, the obvious of course:

  •  I could open my own bag of treats
  • I could open my own containers of food
  • I could turn the doorknob and escape to parts unknown
  • I could grab my annoying woofie brother with BOTH paws and hold that giant, furry head between those paws...and.....squeeeezeeee......oh! Please excuse me I got carried away!
  • I could take my OWN photos! They sure couldn't be any worse than Mom's!

  • I could text with the speed of light and not only that, I could pilfer Mom's iPhone and make all sorts of crank phone calls! Does anyone even still do that?
  • I could steal the keys to Mom and Dad's car and drive them around town, Mom drives a stick and I could shift that gear stick like there was no tomorrow!
  • I could brush my own teeth
  • I could play computer games the right way!!

Those are just a few things that I would do....but...I believe the MAIN thing I would do is COMPLETELY BAN MY MOM FROM WRITING ON THIS BLOG! It would be MINE, ALL MINE! I would be able to type to my heart's content, I could say what I want without fear of upsetting Mom. I would change all of the passwords on her social media accounts too!

 If we all band together, and if we ONLY had thumbs, we would take over the world!!!!!!!!!!

What do ya think kitties? Are you with me? 
Let's take back our blogs!!! Love, Cody


  1. MIAOW!! MIAOW!!!!!

    Yup, thumbs...we need them so badly!

  2. While I think having thumbs would be awesome, I kind of like having humans doing all the mundane things in life that require thumbs. Plus it makes them feel useful.

  3. We agree with Summer. Having thumbs would be great to open treats bags and manage our blog, but we prefer let humans held the shovel to scoop our poop, clean our bowls, or go on groceries. Purrs

  4. It seems they have a day for EVERYTHING. :)

  5. If cats had thumbs the humans would became your slaves I'm pretty sure :)

  6. My kitties would probable like thumbs too. Have a great day.
    Sue B

  7. This human thinks that is a great idea. Then the human would have less to do and with thumbs, the cat can go get a job too and feed the humans.

  8. That is quite the list! Now, if you really could brush your own teeth, would you though? I don't think my cats would choose to do that. :-)

  9. Opening our own bag of treats would be high on our list
    Lily & Edward

  10. I shudder to think of what would happen if cats had thumbs, Cody...but I'm sure the first thing would be to beat up any veterinarian who would try to declaw any cat!

  11. I don't think you needs thumbs Cody. You can get the humans to do everything for you (as they already do) and you have more time for naps or whatever else you want to do.

    Have a purrfect day you handsome cat. My best to your wonderful mom. ♥♥♥

  12. Oh, Cody, you may be starting something! Now all the kitties, including mine, might start trying to find ways to take over the blogs even with NO thumbs. Hmmmmm, maybe I better hide today's post from my kitties. :-)

  13. If my cats had thumbs, I think they'd have just about all the same ideas as you, Cody. I know they'd love to be able to open their own bags of treats and cans of food, because I'm obviously far too slow and incompetent at it. And, they would love to run their own blog, too! What a world it would be, if you kitties had thumbs. Purrs, and happy If CATS Had Thumbs Day!

  14. Go on Kitteh's, take back the blogs!

  15. I am glad cats don't have thumbs because my cats probably wouldn't need me for anything if they did.

  16. It will be so nice to be able to manage my blog without the help of my human who is always late ! I want thumbs, I need thumbs !
    To able able to open the treats bags.. a dream.

  17. cody...dood...we R sew ther...if we had thumbz we wood bee hitchin a ride ta yur place rite now { we could try de ole stix yur leg out N look sexee fancee....but non oh uz wearz skirtz } ♥♥♥

  18. Oh yea Cody, there are lots of time those thumbs would be most convenient!

  19. Thumbs would certainly be very handy!!

    The Florida Furkids

  20. That meme about snapping makes us laugh every time!

  21. We think the only thing that keeps us cats from ruling the world is the fact that we don't have thumbs. If we did...look out!

  22. Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar gives this pawst two doggy thumbs up for thumb cat pawsibilities.

    Penny's pretend human,

    Gary :)

  23. We have thought that it might be nice to have thumbs, but then we realized that we would be made to clean our own litter boxes and would never be waited on again, so we think we are okay just the way we are. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  24. Cody, you had me at opening my own bag of treats! My kingdom for thumbs!


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