Monday, March 1, 2021

A Monday Memory: Our Friend Spitty the Kitty

 Yesterday while reading blogs, I saw a post from Cody's old pal Spitty the Kitty and stopped by to leave a comment. Nearly 5 minutes after leaving the comment I found out on Facebook that handsome Spitty had run off to the Bridge. My heart shattered into a catzillion pieces.

While Spitty lived a long and good life, (he was 17 when he left), my heart ached because another blogging legend had left for the Bridge.

Cody knew Spitty (as many of you did), for a looong time! He and Spitty's Mama used to banter about their sports teams, Cody was Spitty's Secret Paws one year and the "Prince Bed" that we had bought for Cody (because he was the cat formerly known as Prince), was first seen on Spitty's blog. Then Cody blogged about the bed on his blog.

In loving memory of our dear furiend,  Cody messaged me from Heaven and told me he would appreciate it if I would share two blog posts from the Fall of 2012 that featured his pal Spitty and Spitty's sweet Mama. One post is from October 29th 2012 (NEARLY NINE YEARS AGO!) that is below 

the best team won.
I'll have my pawson
contact your
just give me a moment....
Heart-broken In Detroit,

And another from from November 14, 2012,

A GentleWOMAN AND A Scholar! "Wordy" Wednesday

Many of you will recall that a few weeks back, my baseball team, The Detroit Tigers, was competing in the World Series with the San Francisco Giants, which happens to be the baseball team of my buddy:

Click here to visit Spitty's blog
Spitty's human and my Mom made a bet. The loser had to buy the winner a special surprise that was tied to their "home" city.

Much to our dismay and embarrassment, the Tigers were swept like yesterday's litter and the San Francisco Giants won the World Series. Thanks to Spitty's Mom for forcing us to relive the debacle by blogging about it...AGAIN MOL.

In an attempt to not be a sore loser, which we all know that Mom really IS, Mom sent Spitty's human a delectable treat from one of Detroit's finest, Sanders Fine Chocolates!  Mom sent the :


Photo courtesy of Sanders
Click here to visit them
Oh and noooo...the gift bag didn't contain a "Tortie" in the sense that WE kitties know "TORTIES"! There was NO cat in the bag! Mom sent the peanut, chocolate and caramel delight that we all know and love, along with a jar of Sanders famous Milk Chocolate Hot Fudge!

Mom and I were thrilled that Spitty's human enjoyed her treats! Mom thought it was all over and done with when...what did Mom receive today? Let me show you!

A beautifully wrapped package arrived!
From San Francisco!
Mom wondered
what in the world it could be!

Spitty's human  wrote
a most thoughtful note!!
Then Mom opened the package:

Spitty's human had sent the most WONDERFUL magnets that feature the art of Richard Diebenkorn, who grew up in San Francisco. Mom also received a gorgeous set of postcards that feature the artists Matisse and Picasso! They are from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Click here to read about the museum.

Mom was incredibly touched by the thoughtfulness of  Spitty's human, but she was also a tad embarrassed. To represent Detroit, Mom sends calorie-laden treats, well Detroit IS one of the fattest cities in the country, now we know why and Spitty's human sends culture, sophistication and intellect to represent San Franciso...all wrapped beautifully in a box!

Spitty's human said it was "one of her favorite spots."

Hmmm...I think there is a deeper message here. Spitty's human is the epitome of culture, class, brains and sophistication and she portrayed San Francisco as such.

My Mom chooses a gift to represent Detroit that is chocolate-caramel-and -nut-laden.  Mom's gift infers that  she  spends her days sitting on her fat-behind trolling the Internet while shoving bon-bons down her throat, while Spitty's human is soaking up art and culture. Mom chooses a gift that says that HER "favorite spot" is a friggin CANDY SHOP!!   If her gift is a representation of Detroit, NO WONDER WE LOST! 



Love, Cody

These posts made me smile in spite of my sadness that yet another blogging legend has run off to the Bridge, because they brought back sweet memories of  Cody and one of his favorite blogging pals, Spitty. I sure hope that you enjoyed the posts too. 

May you rest in peace dear furiend and please take care of my Codester  at the Bridge, ok? Love you  always Spitty and I will never, ever forget you! Sending tons of love and my deepest sympathy to your Mama as well. You had one of the biggest "catitudes" ever dear Spitty, but you also had a heart of gold. xoxoxo You will be forever missed. 


  1. We were heartbroken about Spitty too. Thank you for sharing happy memories with him.

  2. that is so sad ... but you found such wonderful word to honor a famous blogviller....

  3. What a wonderful tribute to Spitty!

    He will be so missed by many:(
    I didn't know him very well, myself, but I did make a memorial card in his honor. (I will post it next week...)

  4. We heard this cat had passed away, but we never knew Spitty. Still, it is always sad when a fur one leaves for the bridge. Sorry for the loss of your friend.

  5. Well, I wish I had known you, Spitty. You have many fans, that’s for sure! And Cody was such a good friend to have had.

  6. Spitty is now a LEGEND - he had a leg up on that before he left for the Bridge but what a wonderful friend he was to all. We always had fun reading Spitty's blog. Not one to mince words, he told it like it was - he was bigger than life and is going to be missed by his Mom and all of us who knew the special guy he was............

    Love, Teddy

  7. Such a sweet tribute, your smiles helped overcome the tears on the loss of everyones beloved Spitty. We shall always remember that dear boy too.

  8. We didn't know Spitty but it sounds like he was a great kitty. As to the story about sending Sanders treats as a representation of Detroit our mom says that was a perfectly fine way to go. We have relatives in Detroit and they often gift us with Sanders Salted Caramel candies. They are delish...or at least that's what our mom tells us.

  9. Sorry for the loss of your fur-pal. Sending loads of comforting thoughts your way. Hugs and tail wags.

  10. We have the sads for Spitty too...have mailed a card to Mary.

  11. That is so sad . . . the kitties and I wish we had known Spitty too. This is a lovely tribute.

  12. We came to blogging late, so we didn't know Spitty, thanks for helping us get to know Spitty. Hugs to all who loved that handsome house panther.

  13. I never met Spitty, but it's so hard when we lose one of our babies.

    Love that gift. Beautiful.

    Have a fabulous day and week, Caren. Scritches to the babies. ♥

  14. What a beautiful tribute to Spitty. It's just so hard when we lose a precious family member. Hugs to Spitty's family and friends♥

  15. Such great memories! Spitty was an outstanding cat that will not be forgotten.


  16. Such a lovely tribute to Spitty. He will be greatly missed.

  17. It was very sad to learn of Spitty's passing.
    After 17 years together, nis mum must be feelong wuite lonely.
    So good that the two of you were freiends :)
    Purrs, Julie

  18. Spitty and his human are outstanding! We were so shocked when we learned about Spitty. It has taken some time to process. Your post is eloquent Caren. Thanks for sharing your memories. Kiss your babies for me Love Barb

  19. The cat blogosphere will not be the same without Spitty.

  20. My flinty heart is broken. I'm doing a little tribute Friday. Spitty and I go back a long was as I guess Cody and I did. Thanks for posting today and for reminding me the Tigers were once good. HAH! Gotcha!

  21. Oh Caren, SOOOOOOOOO delightful to read this! Amidst all the sadness, it *really* helps to remember the fun Spitty had with his furiends in their blogging heydays! (Of course, as he would be first to point out, SOME Humans were more consistent and committed than YOU for instance ;-) It was so fun to be reminded of the fact that (as CK remarked about the TIgers) the Giants USED to be good too.

    I have been so touched by all the love and support I've felt from everyone in the blog world. When I get my act together, and that will be pretty soon I hope, I will do a post for him. But meanwhile, there's nothing so heart-healing than to see posts like that that really take me back to the good times, of which there were MANY more than there were bead days. We really had a ton of fun over his nearly 17 years. THANK YOU so much!