Friday, October 18, 2019

Friday Fun! LennyMud Handmade Funny and Functional Ceramic Gifts that are the Cat's Meow!

Hi friends!! Oh you are going to LOVE this teaser that we are sharing with you today! While preparing for our TENTH BLOGOVERSARY BLOG POST that will appear on Friday, October 25th, we had the pleasure of learning about a "new-to-us" company:

Ok, with a husband named "Lenny" how could this NOT capture my eye? Then, when I visited the Lenny Mud website I fell INSTANTLY in love!

Who is LennyMud?

Lorrie and Kip Veasey are a husband and wife team that make funny and functional handmade ceramic gifts in their New Jersey studio. Everything they make is kiln fired, lead free, and dishwasher and microwave safe and ships immediately.   They  named the company after their clumsy studio cat, Lenny!  

I was beyond tickled when Lorrie sent me the above Travel Coffee Tumbler and the cat mug! Oh how that cat mug is Cody to a "T"!!!!!

You MUST check out the LennyMud website and you can find them on:

You are going to LOVE what you see! Be sure to visit us on our TENTH BLOGGING ANNIVERSARY ON OCTOBER 25TH to see what else they and some other fabulous companies have up their sleeve!!

We were not monetarily compensated for this post. They didn't even know I was blogging about this today, they ARE participating in a sponsored blog post for our 10th blogging anniversary on the 25th.


  1. My momma says "the cat has been fed" one is da story of life around here!

  2. Those are mighty cool cups!
    Purrs,Georgia,Julie and JJ

  3. The cat sitting on me mug fits my gramma to a tee! 10 years, that is amazing, we are looking forward to that anniversary in just a few days.

  4. Everyone needs a clever cat saying on their coffee/tea mug. Awesome.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend, Caren. Scritches to the boys. ♥

  5. Mom just ordered a spoon rest that says "Everything tastes better with cat hair".

  6. MOL MOL...we love the Bullshit...MOL😸Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend🐾😽💞

  7. MOL! They have lots of cute things over there!

  8. Wow, almost ten years! Those are very funny and attractive mugs.

  9. Wow! You have been blogging a long time-congratulations! THose are cool products. XO

  10. Very cool Christmas gift ideas. I stopped by to leave you a special invite:

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    Peace to you and yours,
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  11. OMC, dad loves those mugs. He's gonna head to their website. Those are totally hilarious.

  12. These are the best things EVER! We have a friend adroit at getting second and third breakfasts - so we'll share this with his human! Err ... and buy something ... or ten ourselves :)

  13. Love these! I’ll have to check them out.