Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Meet My Ferret Friend Chubby Wubbles!

Hi my furiends it's Cody and today I am going to tell you about a furiend of mine that is super cute, he is furry, but he is NOT a cat, he is a Ferret!!! He is a super cute Ferret too and his name is Chubby Wubbles!

Chubby Wubbles is the star of his own book:
Furiends, this book is super cute! Mom read it to me last night and we both enjoyed it! Ferrets are more cat-like than many of you would imagine! We play with similar toys, sleep in the same kind of beds, we sometimes run off outside where our owners can't find us...the list of similarities goes on and on!

Before I tell you about the book, you are probably wondering why in the world would I even WANT to tell you about a book featuring a Ferret?

Well, some months ago Mom and I were contacted asking if we would be interested in reviewing Chubby's book on our blog. Mom and I initially thought that maybe we wouldn't, (because Chubby isn't a cat), but then, Mom found out that the author of Chubby's book lives approximately five minutes away from our house! How could Mom and I say no, not only to a fellow Michigander, but one that Mom could run into in the grocery store (if she only knew what he looked like! MOL!!)

Anyway, Mom was supposed to meet M.J. Abrams (the author of Chubby Wubbles A Ferret's Tale) for coffee back in December but it was around the time I became ill and Mom couldn't go. Then, Mr.Abrams went to Florida for the winter. He did call Mom when he returned, but Mom missed the call and then became so busy that she forgot to call him back! He probably thinks that Mom completely forgot that she said she would feature Chubby Wubbles, but here we are!

"Chubby Wubbles"
Photo courtesy of  www.chubbywubbles.com

We had picked today to feature Chubby Wubbles because we thought it was National Ferret Day (well it IS, in the U.K. but we missed the U.S. National Ferret Day which was supposedly April 2nd?) Oh well, we tried!

Now, let me tell you about Chubby Wubbles A Ferret's Tale. It is about:

The adventures of owning an unconventional pet

 You see my furiends, for  most families, dogs and cats are the normal pets, but for author M.J. Abrams and his family, a friendly ferret became an unexpected household companion.

In the new children’s book “Chubby Wubbles” M.J. Abrams highlights the importance of pet relationships, responsibility and independence. Based on a true story of his family’s own ferret, Abrams shares photos of the real Chubby Wubbles to help illustrate the fun-loving and curious nature of ferrets.

"Chubby Wubbles"
Photo courtesy of www.chubbywubbles.com
Chubby Wubbles will capture the hearts of children everywhere! It is a delightful story about the wonderful friendship and adventures of a young man and his mischievous ferret.

 Furiends, cats aren't the only ones who get into mischief! Ferrets do too!!! My Mom remembers a time when she was living in an apartment complex in her 20's and her neighbors across the hall had a Ferret. Back then, those painter's pants were in style (for the youngsters who don't know what those are, they were usually white pants with wide legs that painters actually wore). Well, the Ferret across the hall climbed up Mom's legs when she was visiting, but instead of climbing on the outside of her leg, he went up via the large opening through the ankles, right up her leg!!  You are saying "Oh no he didn't!!" and I am saying "Ohhh yesss he did!" It gave Mom quite the jolt, but she still thought he was a cute little guy in spite of nearly giving her a heart attack.

 Now back to the story and a quote from M.J. Abrams: 
“Beyond showcasing the playful and unique world of ferrets, I wanted to touch on important values kids can learn from pets,” Abrams said. “As seen with ‘Chubby Wubbles,being curious about the world around us is great, but sometimes we all need help if we run into trouble.”

"Chubby Wubbles"
Photo Courtesy of  www.chubbywubbles.com.

Abrams, who took over caring for the ferret when his son took a new job, has been both an observer and an active participant in pet ownership. He has first-hand experience with the impact that lifestyle changes and proper care can have on the household animals and their owners.

The format of the book "Chubby Wubbles",  is very parent and child friendly. 
For parents, it's great for easy, expressive, and exciting reading to younger children. Instead of hand drawn illustrations, actual photos make it more of a real story that kids can identify with, instead of a fantasy novel. It will also give children an idea of the playful nature of ferrets.
Abrams hopes that through “Chubby Wubbles” children and adults alike can see the joy an unexpected pet – like a ferret – can bring.

“Chubby Wubbles” has received the Gold Seal of Literary Excellence.

The book is dedicated to Ferret shelters everywhere. Their hard work and dedication to finding good homes for wayward ferrets is appreciated throughout their communities. 

For more information, visit www.chubbywubbles.com.

“Chubby Wubbles: A Ferret’s Tale”
By: M.J. Abrams
ISBN: 978-1-41207-294-6
Available in softcover
Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Trafford.
Visit Chubby Wubbles on Facebook

About the author

M.J. Abrams, is a father of two boys, he currently lives in West Bloomfield, Michigan with his family, and shops are grocery stores right by our house! Now retired, Abrams enjoys home improvement projects, sports and traveling.

In Full Disclosure: we were not compensated for this book review. Mom was sent a complimentary copy of Chubby Wubbles in exchange for her honest review. Mom also hopes that M.J. Abrams will forgive her for forgetting to return his call when he arrived back to Michigan in January, and if he would like, she STILL will go and grab that cup of coffee!!! After all, we only live about five minutes away from each other!!! 


  1. How fun. And what a big Awww too.

    Have a purrfect day Cody. My best to your mom. ☺

  2. What a cutie! I wonder if I will get to meet any ferrets at BlogPaws!

    1. Oh I bet you will! Don't they come every year? Yeah this little guy IS cute!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful book and I support any book that helps teach kids about responsible pet ownership

  4. Chubby Wubbles is so cute! I bet this is a really fun book. It's very cool that the book has a Michigan based author too! Yay Michigan peeps!

    1. Yep he is cute! Yep!! The author probably lives like 5 minutes away from me (or less) :)

    2. Hello everyone. Chubby (posthumously) and I want to thank you all for your kind words. Caren, I think we're now 10 minutes away due to construction on 14 mile & O. L..

    3. @Myron that's right I forgot....I haven't been out of the front of our complex since they started that mess. I always leave on Orchard Lake now instead of 14 Mile.

  5. I agree with Angel Pip and Ruby's comment above! Plus, West Bloomfield and Farmington are my old stomping grounds, so I too must support a fellow Metro-Detroiter!

  6. Ferrets (furets) are real cute animals. They are in fashion in France.
    Douce soirée
    Nat à Chat

  7. Chubby Wobbles, you sure are one cute thing. Great pictures of you. That does sound like a fun book. It would be fun to read more about you. We don't know much about ferrets. Take care Caren and Cody and Dakota too.

  8. MOL at a ferret up your trousers!! That's a cue for a joke!! ;) Sounds like a brill book for kids!!

  9. Sounds like a great kids' book! We have a friend who had a ferret. Her ferret was so smart and cute!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  10. what an adorable little one. The book will surely be a success. xox

  11. Cody, if TW didn’t have Pop, she’d have a ferret or two. She loves them. When she lived in NC, there were 2 ferrets living next door and she got to ferret sit them.

  12. You nailed it Cody, cute indeed! The book looks super cute too!

  13. That Chubby Wubbles is adorable! We bet that book will be a big success. Thanks for introducing us, Cody!

  14. I hope to get a ferret in the future! Great book review!

  15. Ah Yes! Ferrets! One of Mommy's furrends had 2 cats and a dog. Then her daughter moved and where she went she could not has pets, so Mommy's furrend ended up with 4 cats, 2 dogs and 2 ferrets, then a week later there was 6 ferrets!!!! Yep they had babies!
    The ferrets was fun, except they pooped in weird places. Wes just about ended up with a ferret, but mes chased it.

  16. He sure looks like a cutie pie!
    Eons ago when unfur-the-younger was about 4 or 5, pawppy asked if we should get Grandma a ferret. He said NO! When asked why he didn't think it was a good idea, he said, 'Because they poop'...OMC!! MOL!
    The things kids say...

    We don't think our dog-guy would do well with a ferret either...

    But we think Chubby-Wubbles is a sweetheart!

  17. Sounds like such a great book...what a cutie Chubby Wubbles is!

  18. @Penelope and Meezer....you BOTH had me cracking up laughing!!! You are hilarious!

  19. I've never seen a ferret in person (I don't think we even have them in Australia)... but Chubby is adorable, I can totally understand why people love them as pets.


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