Sunday, April 17, 2011

It's National Pet Parent's Day!! Or Is it?

Did you know that today is National Pet Parent's Day?
I'm not quite sure if it is April 17th or April 24th
I checked and I see it listed as both dates for 2011!
Soooo...I say just honor your
"pawrents" every day! Then you'll be totally covered!

"Wow! Look how big Mom's nose looks in this picture!"
"Dad got rid of these glasses...thank "COD"  he also cut his hair and joined the year 2011"
I love you cause you are the best,
even when I don't let you rest.

I love you when you give me food,
even when you're not in the mood.

I love you when we play with toys,
even if you sometimes annoy.

I love you "to the moon and back"
now get off of your butt
and give me a snack!!

Happy National Pet Parent's Day
Mom & Dad!!

Love, Cody


  1. Happy National Pet Parent's Day, Cody!
    I love your poem, the pictures of you with your mom and dad. They are really lovely!!!

  2. I shall got lay furrrrrs on mummys lap in honour hee he :)xx

  3. Hahaha. Best. Holiday. Ever!

  4. Wow this is an important day! I love these pictures!
    and now I think for sure you deserve good and delicious treats, great photo session there!
    purrs, love and a great week ahead,

  5. Happy National Pet Parent's Day!!!
    I have not heard anything about this day.

  6. Oh Cody, what a beautiful tribute to your pawrents. I can hardly believe that mommy never had a picture taken of the two of us!! We would post it if we had!

  7. Awwww wonderful Cody!!! These are special days to celebrate your amazing pawparents and pawparents everywhere!!!

    Me and Charlie think your poem is ACES!! Take care

  8. @Priscilla thank you! We hardly have any pictures of me with my Mommy or my Daddy....go figure!

    @Old Kitty thank you! Yes I let my Mommy and Daddy sleep til 8am today! I NEVER do that! That was their prezzie from me! Thanks about my write the best poems and if you like it that is great with me! Say hi to Charlie! xoxo

    @Admiral Hestorb...don't feel bad. Dakota isn't sure that he can post about this today because the photos of him with Mommy have already been used! He doesn't have any either! Just he and Daddy!!! xoxo

    @Amin I heard about it but I keep hearing two different dates!

    @Luna thank you!! I got 'em! I just had breakfast!!

    @Ruth nope, the best holiday is National Cat Day!!!! :)

    @Princess Jasmine, yep get furs on your Mommy's lap!!

  9. Awww that is such a bootiful writing Cody. Loved the closing - now get off you butt. ha ha- we're leaving here laughing so hard.

  10. Oh no, I don't think any of us here knew that, I need to do something nice for my Dad. Thanks for the heads up! Enjoy your Sunday!!!

  11. MOL.... HEE HEE HEE... great poem. Very creative. Love the pictures too. Have a great day.

    pawhugs, Max

  12. Great poem Cody - and we are sure you chewed a pencil while you were composing it and thinking of the rhymes.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  13. @Mario, so happy to make you laugh! MOL!! xoxo

    @Hannah and Lucy I sure did!!!! MOL!!

    @Max thank you!! You are so talented Max that I appreciate it! You have a great day too!

    @Brian, you are welcome! Since you are such a polite kitty I know you are gonna do something good for your Dad!! :)

  14. Love the poem :) Happy pet parents day to us both!

  15. Okay Cody, fess up, you made your paw-rents breakfast in bed this morning right? Just to make the rest of us look like slackers? We didn't hear about this holiday until we read your post but now we have to think of somethin' for our Mom or she'll think we don't appreciate her feedin', treatin' and scoopin' duties! Maybe we'll just copy your great poem and prop it in our feedin' station! Yep, that's it!

  16. Happy Pet Parents Day!! Great photos, and the poem is priceless. So cute!

  17. I think the holiday is scheduled for the last Sunday in April, which is the 24th. But since that's Easter this year, it's been "moved" to today. Anyway, have a good one! Love the poem :-)

  18. I had not heard of this holiday. Lenny Kitty said nothing about it when he sent me the message that it was time for me to rise. lol
    Love your poetic tribute, Cody! How grateful your pawrents must feel. :)

  19. Cody Cody poetic kitty
    Appreciate your pawrents with a little ditty

    What? National Pet Parents Day?
    We'll join you celebrate the auspicious day.

    For Aunty Caren: ((((((HUGS)))))
    From: Angelina & the Gang

  20. Cody, That is an excellent poem! There are even parts I agree with, especially about the toys and food. Hmmm. Maybe I'll have to work on a verse myself.

  21. Shh, don't tell my mom person, I didn't get her a card, BOL!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  22. @Julia YES! Happy Pet Parents Day to all of us!!

    @Oskar, ok! I won't tell! lol

    @Spitty thank you! Ohhh yes think up a verse! You are sooo witty, I can't wait!

    @Pumpkin Puddy thank you!! Happy Pet Parents Day to you too and hi!

    @Mason thank you! To you too!

    @Angelina & The Gang you silly! I love YOUR poem!!

    @Scrappy Grams, tell Lenny Kitty to get with the program!!! lol. Kidding!! So glad you liked the poem!

    @Hilary thank you!

    @Denise yep that is what I think I read too. I kept reading conflicting dates and then I saw it is supposed to be the last Sunday in April and it was moved for exactly the reason you said because of Easter! Thank you for your wishes!

    @Julie thanks soo much! I am glad that you liked it!

    @Kathie nope!! I sure didn't make breakfast but I let them sleep til 8am and that is something that I NEVER DO!!!

  23. Who knew? Do you think a hairball is an acceptable gift?

  24. We just want dinner no matter what day it is
    Benny & Lily

  25. I better tell Leroy and Sherman this!!
    Love the poem, it is perfect!

  26. @Fin if that's the only gift you can "cough up" then I guess it will have to do! MOL!

    @Benny and Lily, my sentiments exactly!

    @jen...yes! you better tell them! Thanks so much!

  27. I love love your poem, Cody !!!
    What a SELF cat thinks and What an Unique poem !
    and seems like whatever days you are still a boss..Ha..Ha..Ha


    PS : Me an my mom think she look beautiful in the first photo

  28. What a lovely special day...I wish my country has one.

    Happy pet parents day :)

  29. I am happy to celebrate but who ordered the snow!! ALSO...was noticing your beeeutiful eyes not your JUST FINE nose in that pic of you and da kitty!! Too funny what Cody says about Daddy, but he doesn't look upset:D!! Rosie says her folks can have a special day because everyday is a celebration to her :D!!

  30. Aw, cute! Happy pet parents day!

  31. La la meorrrrrowwwww la la la meow meow la , that was the anthem for Nat'l Pet Parent Day (NPPD?) in cat. MOL

  32. O noes, Cody... I missed Pet Pawrents Day!! :(
    I'z been soopervizin' da taxez & work, u see, and dis day just slipped rite by me. Hmm... do u fhink it will be okay if I celebrayt on da 24th, insted? (Hopefully Mommy will never noes da diffurrence... hehe! ;D)

  33. hah! can that be embroidered for the kitchen wall?? love it, -Ms. Z.

  34. Boomie dats no eggscuse, but coz your cute you can celebrate the whole week! Mol

  35. All of you are totally cute. So nice to see your faces.

    Oh no. I can't let this go without noting that the verification word was "monif."

    Awful close to "gonif," wouldn't ya say?