Monday, February 15, 2010

No "Cat"astrophe!! Thank Goodness!!

Whew!! Had a scare this morning. It all started with my food obsessed daily alarm clock (my "Adventure Boy" Cody) not waking my husband and I up this morning, NOT NORMAL! He is usually scratching and clawing at the bedroom door as if he hadn't been fed a meal in eternity, crying and wailing with all of his being to feed him AND NOW!! Not today.....RED FLAG.

A few minutes later I heard him cry out in pain and couldn't find him. I did find that he had thrown up a couple of fur balls and wasn't worried until I noticed his food bowl was untouched, (with Cody that is a problem that NEVER EXISTS), RED FLAG. 

I went in the bedroom and witnessed my poor baby hacking and hacking, finally, he threw up white foam. The white foam took me over the edge and had me in a complete panic. Years ago my beloved Angel Bobo threw up a white foamy substance every few hours, turned out he had six kidney stones that required emergency surgery and a three day stay at the vet.

Cody went and hid under the dining room table (RED FLAG) and was growling periodically (RED FLAG) and was obviously irritated with our Shelties' gyrations, contortions, and herding dance of concern around him. Cody normally adores Dakota and loves to be "ravaged" by him so that was another cause for concern.

I called the vet (Deporre on Maple and Telegraph, they are FABULOUS THERE, they are my regular vet and have been for years and they were able to get Cody right in.

I raced over in my pink velveteen pjs (looking like a giant pink velveteen rabbit), Cody in always he was a fabulous boy in the car, only an occasional cry, perfect boy.

To make a long story short after X-rays Cody is TOTALLY FINE! The doctor thinks he had a ton of gas (with how he normally eats no surprise here, he takes after his "Mom" lol) and sent me home with furball meds.

Did I over react? Jump the gun? Take Cody to the vet too soon? I regret it? NO!!!! Our cats are our "babies", we are attuned to their every nuance more than anyone could be, they cannot speak for themselves when ill or in pain, it is up to us to be their advocate and to be observant to any changes in their routine. Yes Cody is ok and I am beyond grateful that he is, but to wait and possibly regret is much, much worse than going with your gut and thankfully finding out that all is ok!!! A trip to the vet is NEVER, EVER a wasted trip to the vet!!!


  1. Ms Z. is 100%behind you-always err on the side of caution, much less over-all regret that way :)

  2. I agree. A trip to the vet is a win-win situation. It gives the owner peace of mind, catches the problem early, if there is something to catch, and keeps our wonderful vets in business!