Sunday, October 22, 2017

A Most Beautiful "Lion" Girl:Honoring "Sister Sascha" with Love and Sadness

Hoping Brian's Home doesn't mind that we used their photo
I have been offline the past few days for a host of reasons. One of them was that we had a death in our family last Wednesday. Our cousin passed after battling kidney cancer for five years. He would have been 62 on October 23rd.  We were with the family Friday night, and yesterday was the funeral and wake. I have not been reading blogs or checking email at all since Friday.

I began reading email/blogs this morning and found out the heartbreaking news that beloved "Sister Sascha" from Brian's Home has gotten her Angel wings and has gone to the Bridge. Our hearts are broken for Brian and his entire family. I am deeply saddened that she had to go to the bridge at all, and it makes it hurt even more that she left on my birthday.  I will forever think of her that day.

Sister Sascha as Brian said is "High atop the Diva Tower." We always loved when she would get her "Lion Cut" about once or so a year..........and the first song that came into our minds to honor her memory was this one:


We extend our deepest sympathy to Sister Sascha's entire family and wish we could be there to help comfort them all. You have probably visited them already, since we found out so late, but if not, you can click here

Sister Sascha thank you for sharing your life with us, to your family, we love you and thank you for giving this exquisite cat the best home she could have ever hoped for. We love you all and we are hurting with you.

Caren and Cody

Friday, October 20, 2017

A "Cat-Inspired Apparel" World-Wide Give-Away from Triple T Studios!

This post is sponsored by Triple T Studios. 

Hi all it's Cody and did you know that today is my Mom's birthday? Yep, it is! In honor of her special day Mom and I are excited to host a special give-away from our furiends at Triple T Studios!

Mom has featured items from Triple T Studios a number of times on our blog, and each and every item she has she loves and uses frequently! Mom LOVES that Triple T Studios is passionate about supporting global conservation projects and that they love and support  the "BIG" Cats (Lions and Tigers!). This leads me to the first item that Mom received that I want to tell you about. It is the:

First, take a look at that picture of the Cat and Lion Shadow design on theT-shirt. (It is the exclusive property of Triple T Studios).  Deep down kitties see themselves as much more than just small kitties, they know that deep within there is a LION roaring inside of them! Every kitty aspires to be that Lion and truth be told we kitties think that many humans feel the same. (As well they should!). It doesn't matter what is seen on the outside, it is what we think of ourselves on the INSIDE that matters most!

From Triple T Studios:   "Our original design says it all!  Roar with the heart of a lion. Walk with cat confidence with your tail up and curled knowing you are unstoppable!!"

 Mom loves that shirt for the symbolism behind it and she loves that the T-Shirt:

 has a comfortable set-in V-neck
It is Super soft 4.5 oz. 100% ring spun cotton with a Ladies fashion fit.
It comes in a wide variety of sizes ranging from XS to 4XL!!

You can tell by the photo that Mom has a larger size.  Mom LOVES how it doesn't cling to her "fluffy" areas that she doesn't want it to cling to. Mom says it is sooo soft and she plans on wearing the Cat and Lion Shadow T-Shirt to PopCats Show next week in Miami!! (FYI:if you are in the area, Triple T Studios will be there too as one of the exhibitors!)

Because Mom's  photo of her shirt isn't as clear as she would like it to be, we are  posting one directly from the Triple T Studios website.

Cat Lion Shadow T-Shirt Photo Courtesy of Triple T Studios
The next items that Mom received are the adorable:

Mom is crazy about her Cute Cat Footies and she said part of what she loves about them is the soft "baby-like" colors! They remind Mom of little baby socks with their soft color and the soft material.  Mom also doesn't like to wear heavy socks and these are just PURRFECT. Mom is also going to be wearing these at PopCats next week, she is bringing every pair with her! The footies are available in 5 COLORS  (White, Beige, Coral, Yellow and Sky Blue). If you purchase them individually they are $6 each but if you buy the 5 Pair Pack you will receive one pair of footies in each color, (like Mom received) and  they are only $20!! Look at the cute cat face pattern!  They footies are:

80% Cotton
18% Poly
2% Spandex
One size fits most

GIVE-AWAY!! In honor of my Mom's birthday our furiends at Triple T Studios are offering a World-Wide Give-Away! One winner will win the Cat Lion Shadow T-Shirt  ($24 value) and another winner will win a package of the adorable Cute Cat Footies ($20 value). Entering is super easy just enter on the Rafflecopter below and GOOD LUCK!!! ***THERE IS A MANDATORY ENTRY THAT MUST BE COMPLETED, IF NOT COMPLETED THE ENTRANT WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, October 19, 2017

It's my Woofie Brother's 10th Gotcha Day!

Today is my woofie brother's 10th Gotcha Day and I wrote him a poem:

To Dakota:

You are big and fluffy, tan, brown and white,
I sometimes think you aren't too bright.

You must realize the humans are our servants
no need to obey their orders like a subservient.

You bark and you bark and you make so much noise,
I am grateful to have a room away from you to play with my toys.

I do commend you though, because since the day you moved in,
you immediately knew who was the boss around your "den."

It isn't you dear Sheltie brother, it isn't our Dad or our mother.

You guessed it my brother, my furever friend,
it is ME who rules YOU and our HOME until the end.

Happy, Happy 10th Gotcha Day
to my favorite (and only) Woofie Brother!
Love, Cody

Monday, October 16, 2017

What is Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) and how does it work? (#GlobalCatDay)

FROM CAT CHAT WITH CAREN AND CODY: Happy Global Cat Day which has evolved from National Feral Cat Day®.  Alley Cat Allies created National Feral Cat Day® on its 10th anniversary in 2001 "to raise awareness about community cats, promote Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR), and recognize the millions of compassionate Americans who care for them. Because compassion knows no borders, international participation in National Feral Cat Day grew each year, reaching at least 20 countries with last year’s edition. That mark has already been eclipsed this year, with engagement for the inaugural Global Cat Day coming from more than 40 countries, from Australia to the United Kingdom, Belgium to Brazil, Saudi Arabia to South Africa and many more."
Courtesy of Alley Cat Allies on Facebook

TAKE/SIGN THE GLOBAL CAT DAY PLEDGE“I pledge to be an ally to cats, including those who call the outdoors their home. I will advocate for compassionate policies that protect every cat in my community.” 

Today on this special day we are happy to have guest blogger Cherri Megasko writing about the importance of TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return). Cherri has been an animal lover all her life. In addition to caring for her own pets, she has been trained to rehabilitate sick or injured wildlife. Cherri is currently traveling the world with her husband, Greg, and Yorkshire Terrier, Winston. Please check out her pet and wildlife blog –
Cats, Dogs and Polliwogs.
This colony of feral cats was photographed on a roadside
 while scavenging for food scraps
Sara Golemon (Wikimedia Commons)

There are an estimated 70 million feral cats in the U.S. In addition to the damage they do to wildlife and personal property, they generally lead sick and miserable lives. Feral cats typically live in colonies where they must constantly hunt and scrounge for food, breeding uncontrollably until they are hit by a car, die of starvation or come to some other painful and tragic end. Today, (October 16), is Global Cat Day. You can observe this important day by learning about Trap-Neuter-Return programs in your area and and volunteering to help where you can.

TNR is one method of controlling feral cat populations. As the name implies, feral cats are humanely trapped, transported to a veterinarian for a rabies vaccination and sterilization, and then returned to their colonies. In addition, colony caretakers regularly monitor feral cat colonies and provide food, water and shelter for the colony population.
As adorable as this feral kitten is, he is sentenced to grow up in a harsh and frightening world.
Image Credit:
Serkan Dulgeroglu (

Who provides this service?
There are many volunteer organizations across the U.S. that support TNR programs. Funding for food and supplies generally is acquired from private donations. Many local veterinarians will also provide discounted sterilization services for TNR programs and some cities have government-funded TNR programs as well.

Why is TNR a good option?
Although not without its challenges, TNR programs are more effective in controlling feral cat populations than simply removing cats from an area. The reason for this is that cats are territorial. When you simply attempt to remove all the feral cats from one geographic area, new feral individuals will move in and start new colonies. By sterilizing colony residents and providing them with the basics of food, water and shelter, you are controlling population growth and helping to maintain a disease-free environment. TNR programs also include rabies vaccinations, which help protect area wildlife and adjacent human populations.
Many feral cats live dangerous and lonely lives.
 You can help by donating your time or money
 in celebration of Global Cat Day on October 16.
Image Credit:
Sener Aydin (

How Can I Celebrate Global Cat Day?
TAKE/SIGN THE GLOBAL CAT DAY PLEDGE!! Participating in the Trap-Neuter-Return program is not something that is advisable for an individual to attempt on his own. For obvious reasons, there are many logistical, safety and legal issues that need to be carefully considered. The first step should be to contact your local animal shelter, veterinary clinic or animal control office to inquire about programs that already exist in your area. Once doing so, there will be many ways to become involved. Volunteers are often needed to transport captured cats to veterinary offices, provide foster care as the cats recover from surgery, or to be a colony caretaker. Donations of food and supplies are most always welcome as well.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Cat Book Review and Give-Away:Bookstore Cats by Brandon Schultz

Books and cats. The "purrfect" combo. Like peanut butter and jelly, peanut butter and chocolate, coffee and cream, (you get the idea!), books and cats just go together "purrfectly". "Cats are cultured, stately, curious, and like to seem as though they know everything. Cats and books go paw-in-paw." Today it is my pleasure to present Bookstore Cats by Brandon Schultz.
From Bookstore Cats by Brandon Schultz, copyright © 2017,
published by Glitterati Incorporated
I have always loved when I have walked into a retail establishment and was surprised to find a cat who couldn't wait to greet me! I used to have a favorite store that sold bird seed that had a hefty, handsome tabby mancat who would greet me every time I visited. There is also a quaint boutique near my home that has a gorgeous kitty working long retail hours. It is a no-brainer that a shop that has resident cats is going to be one I will return to (and purchase from), again and again.

"Around the world, bookstores continue to prove that cats and books belong together...the bookstore is a place to enter quietly, search endlessly for inspiration, then dive into something unknown for no solid reason other than to satisfy an itch. In essence, it's where humans act like cats."

With e-readers taking over and forcing many bookstores large and small to close their doors, I have yet to find a bookstore near my home in Michigan that has a resident cat. But those stores DO exist!  You will read about many cats who reside in bookstores throughout the U.S. and Canada in Bookstore Cats by Brandon  Schultz. While reading I found myself daydreaming, wishing I could go and visit these cats in their establishments.  Roadtrip anyone?

FROM THE PUBLISHER:"Bookstore cats are an international phenomenon and this wonderful investigation has turned up the curious cats running bookshops worldwide. Now, for the first time, some of the world's most beloved bookstore cats are collected together in one adorable directory, making the perfect gift for cat lovers, book lovers, shoppers, and the generally curious worldwide. With personalities and histories as varied as the books they tend, each cat has a story worth telling."

Curl up, grab a kitty or two on your lap and a cozy beverage  and meet some of my favorites from the book!

"Gatsby" From Bookstore Cats by Brandon Schultz, copyright © 2017,
published by Glitterati Incorporated
Former shelter cat. Loves stealing pens. Loves treats and petting. He can be found at The Book Man, in Chilliwach, British Columbia.

"Scout" From Bookstore Cats by Brandon Schultz, copyright © 2017,
published by Glitterati Incorporated
Scout likes birds, warm computers and hot sauce. Scout does not like manicures, ceiling fans, or vacuums. Her favorite author is Maurice Sendak. She can be found at Books With A Past in Glenwood, Maryland.

"Hodge" From Bookstore Cats by Brandon Schultz, copyright © 2017,published by Glitterati Incorporated

Hodge is "Chicago's most famous cat." Hodge is the subject of his own book! He can be found at Selected Works in Chicago, Illinois.
"Amelia" From Bookstore Cats by Brandon Schultz, copyright © 2017,published by Glitterati Incorporated

I was first drawn to Amelia because my Grandmother whom I adored was named Amelia and my husband worked for many years at Amelia Earhart Middle School. The "Amelia" featured above has her own holiday!! It coincides with Independent Bookstore Day, and The Spiral Bookcase bookstore in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania celebrates Amelia Cat Day annually. Amelia suffers from feline hyperthyroidism and requires quite a bit of medical care and testing. Customers at the bookstore often donate to her medical fund. She thanks them by giving them cuddles and comfort.

"Shiva"  From Bookstore Cats by Brandon Schultz, copyright © 2017,
published by Glitterati Incorporated
Shiva is 7 years old and is the head of "what may be the largest feline bookselling workforce in the world!" There are often 15 cats in the store! She is located at Cat Tales in Portland, Indiana which is operated by Midwest Pet Refuge to help fund the rescue.

The cats featured above are just a small sampling of the MANY cats featured in this charming book!

"This playful collection, featuring whimsical color photographs of each cat, delivers unforgettable, swoon-worthy moments of the feline employees in their respective shops. Combined with timeless poetry and literary cat trivia, these tales paint an emotional, endearing, and adorable portrait of the lives of cats in their happiest of homes."

About the author:

Brandon Schultz loves cats, bookstores, and especially bookstores run by cats. Among other things he is a book publisher, travel writer, and ice cream enthusiast. This is his fourth book, and he lives in Brooklyn, New York, with a cat named Lucy who has previously authored her own book.

ISBN 13: 978-1-943876-52-5
160 pages, 6 x 7½", hardcover with ribbon marker
50 4/c photographs

Bookstore Cats is a book that should definitely be on your coffee table or in your home library.  There is even a ribbon attached to the book that serves as a handy, stay-put bookmark! It is the "purrfect" gift for cat lovers and book lovers! are in luck! We have a:

One lucky winner who is 18 and over and who resides in either the U.S or Canada will receive a SIGNED, PERSONALIZED copy of Bookstore Cats by Brandon Schultz. (An approximate $20 value).  THERE IS NO RAFFLECOPTER ENTRY!! ENTERING IS SUPER EASY! JUST LEAVE A COMMENT ON THIS POST THAT CLEARLY STATES THAT YOU WISH TO BE ENTERED!! THAT'S IT! The give-away is open NOW and will end on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 19TH, 2017 AT 5PM EST. THE WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED ON SATURDAY, OCTOBER 21ST, 2017. GOOD LUCK!! 

In full disclosure: We were sent a copy of Bookstore Cats in exchange for our always honest review.

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