Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Winner! KeeKee's Big Adventures in Athens, Greece, Story by Shannon Jones, Illustrations by Casey Uhelski

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For those who might not know,
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Monday, March 30, 2015

Book Feature and Give-Away:A Letter to My Cat: Notes to Our Best Friends, Created by Lisa Erspamer

Many of you have seen this book featured on other cat blogs, for those who have not, here is another touching cat book that should be added to your feline "Must Read List." Everyone who has ever  lived with or loved a cat, will be able to relate to this meowvelous book.

A Letter to My Cat
Notes to Our Best Friends
Created by Lisa Erspamer
photo courtesy of A Letter to My Cat
As the second book in the series of, 'A Letter To...' comes 'A Letter To My Cat', a charming collection of heart felt letters written by celebrities showing their gratitude and love for their pet cats.

With stunning photographs and heart melting words, this book is a must have for anyone who has a cat, had a cat or is looking to adopt one.

A Letter to My Cat is a tribute to the alluring, elusive, and always mysterious feline. This heartwarming book features beautiful photographs and deeply personal letters written by a variety of cat lovers to their beloved four-legged friends. It's a celebration of the unconditional love these kitties bring into our hearts and homes.

With contributions by celebrity cat lovers such as Dr.Mehmet Oz, Mariel Hemingway, Stacy London, Gina Gershon, and Dita Von Teese, as Jackson Galaxy, a soldier returned from Iraq, and a fourth-grader, these notes and photographs-by turns moving, thoughtful, and sometimes downright hilarious-celebrate the devoted friendships we share with our felines.


FROM CAT CHAT WITH CAREN AND CODY: When I post a book as a "feature", it is just that, a book "feature" that gives you information about a book that we feel is worth reading, it is important to note that when I use the word "feature" it is NOT a "book review." 

I had wanted to do a give-away for this book but the publisher was unable to grant one at this time....


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I was not compensated for this book feature. I was sent a complimentary copy of A Letter To My Cat.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

10 Ways To Show Respect For Your Cat On National Respect Your Cat Day

Now, we don't know if this is just another American Greetings card holiday or not, but it was brought to our attention, that today is: National Respect Your Cat Day.

Just like the numerous other "love your pet" holidays that have sprung up by the dozens in recent years, Cody and I feel that cats should be respected EVERY DAY, not just ONE DAY in the year!

That being said, in order to honor this momentous occasion I asked Cody to share some ways that I could be sure to honor his request for my undying respect, and here they are!

1) Serve Food That I Love

2) Have regular Vet Check-Ups
 (yes, my furiends I actually SAID this!)

3) Play With Me when I Want To Play
 Not Just When YOU Want To Or "Have Time" To Play

4) Provide Fun Toys To Play With
 When We DO Play!

5) Provide Comfy Sleeping Spots

6) Don't Bring Home A Dog
(Ok, I will forgive you for this one, it's fun to torment him)

7) Give ME More Blogging Time
(I am tired of you taking over "OUR" blog)

8)  Love Me Even When I Am Old And Gray
(Ok, I am not old and I am already gray, so sue me! I mean GRAYER!!)

9)   Donate To Animals In Need
(and whenever possible, help them to find furever homes)

10) Only Take Photos Of Me
 (as in NEVER!!)
 If you do NOT obey the vast majority of the above commands

Kitties: What are some ways that YOUR humans can show YOU some more respect? Or...are they pawfect already?

Love, Cody

Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Children's Book/Film Feature:Archie's First Adventure By Katherine Kleymenova

Hi my furiends! It's Cody!!! Hope you all had a great week and thankfully it is FRIDAY!

Mom usually does the book features/reviews here, but today is special!! Mom is allowing ME to introduce you to a friend of mine, his name is Archie and he happens to be a MOUSE!!! Not just any ordinary mouse mind you, but a mouse that is made out of wool using a process called "felting."   Archie and his book:Archie's First Adventure, were created by the exceptionally talented Katherine Kleymenova.

Now, you are probably asking, "Why is a MOUSE being featured on your blog?"  That is a purrfectly fair question my furiends! Those of you who are long time readers know all too well that this is far from the first time a MOUSE has been featured on my blog. Why? Because I LOVE MOUSIES!! My favorite toys in the WORLD are MOUSIES!!

So anyway, back to my new furiend Archie!!

Photo Courtesy of Archie The Mouse.com

Now sit back kitties and kindly purrmit me to give you some background info about this darling book!

Archie the mouse, who lives in a little house under the big cedar's roots in the forest, has never been farther than Calm Creek. But when he receives a letter from his friend, Bruno, inviting him to visit for Christmas, Archie realizes it's time to do something very unusual - have a real adventure.

Photo Courtesy of Archie The Mouse.com


Archie is a smart, curious mouse. He loves to draw and read books as well as play with friends. He is responsible but sometimes he can underestimate efforts and time properly. He likes discovering all the new things for him.

Photo Courtesy of Archie The Mouse.com


Bruno is a lizard. For some reason he doesn't sleep in the winter time. Instead he moves to his winter house built on the top of Lilac Mountain, and spends this time hiking and skiing. He loves to travel, he has been in some strange places, climbed mountains using ropes, sailed in oceans, and even went down into the volcano's crater. He also loves to play the guitar and dance.

Furiends, Mom wanted me to tell you that the second she opened the book to read it to me she was smitten! You see, when Mom was a little girl she loved forests, and chipmunks, mousies, squirrels and other forest creatures. She STILL DOES!

When Mom was a little kitten, she  used to sit under the picnic table in the back yard and bring tiny toy creatures outside and set them  in the overgrown grass under the table, and pretend that the grass was a "city" where the creatures lived. Mom felt (and still believes), that squirrels and chipmunks eat out of little acorn bowls, and have tiny tables in their miniature-sized kitchens in the trees where they live. Mom believes that certain "openings" on trees are "squirrel and chipmunk doors" (feel free to call a doctor and have them analyze her if you wish, but I digress). Mom says Archie's First Adventure  is  an extension of her childhood dreams!!! In other words, it's:


Mom also wanted me to tell you something that is super cool and educational about Archie's First Adventure. In the back of the book, author Katherine Kleymenova has a section that tells how the book was made.

Guess what?

  • Almost everything in this book was made my hand
  • Most of the characters are made by felting
  • Polymer clay, fabric, wire and wood were used for many other things such as pens, teapots, cups and more. 

See the table lamp in the photo of me reading the book above? The table lamp  has a real miniature electrical bulb inside and is plugged to the battery!!!

Photo Courtesy of Archie The Mouse.com

Mom and I can't begin to tell you enough how much we enjoyed this book! Mom wants to share some of the  magic from her childhood by giving this book to our great-niece this weekend. She is four years old and  Mom is certain she will LOVE it!

Hoping you will pawchase this book and share it with a little one in your life too, or donate it to a school, a library, a doctor's office or anywhere that there are little ones. They will LOVE IT!

The book information

Publisher: Cedar Alley Publishing
Cover: Hardcover
Language: English
Pages: 42
ISBN-13: 978-0-9939841-0-5
Size: 21.6cm x 21.6cm x 1cm
Weight: 380g

Where to Buy:

You can buy it HERE

Also the book can be found in the online stores:

Photo Courtesy ofArchie The Mouse.com
About The Author:
Katherine Kleymenova lives in Vancouver, in beautiful British Columbia, with her family. She has been working as a professional software developer for almost ten years, but she loves to do some crafts she enjoyed during her childhood.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

At Long Last, A Forever Home-A few words on Wednesday

"Brielle" Photo Courtesy of
Angela Townsend of Tabby's Place
As a follow up from our post on Saturday, March 21st, Angela Townsend from Tabby's Place, sent this darling follow-up of our precious Brielle on her first day at her "forever home." It is our wish that all kitties seeking a forever home, will find one as special as Brielle has found. A special home for a most special cat.

From Angela: "Brielle asked me to send along the attached photo, taken ten minutes after she arrived at her forever home. As you can see, she's not having any trouble settling in. :-)  "

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