Tuesday, March 3, 2015

If Pets (CATS) Had Thumbs Day and Blogging Cats Unite to Join the NUCAT Union!

Hi all it's Cody! Well, it's Cody DICTATING this post to my incompetent human Mom. Which leads me to the point of this blog post.

As many of you know, today happens to be If Pets Had Thumbs Day, (or, in MY world, and for purposes of this post, it is If CATS Had Thumbs Day!)

No one seems to know the exact origin of this day (no surprise there, just add it to the ever-growing list of mindless holidays which in reality mean nothing, but hey, they are FUN, right?) So, without further pussyfooting around, just exactly WHAT would THIS cat do if he had thumbs?

Well, the obvious of course:

  •  I could open my own bag of treats
  • I could open my own containers of food
  • I could turn the doorknob and escape to parts unknown
  • I could grab my annoying woofie brother with BOTH paws and hold that giant, furry head between those paws...and.....squeeeezeeee......oh! Please excuse me I got carried away!
  • I could take my OWN photos! They sure couldn't be any worse than Mom's!

  • I could text with the speed of light and not only that, I could pilfer Mom's iPhone and make all sorts of crank phone calls! Does anyone even still do that?
  • I could steal the keys to Mom and Dad's car and drive them around town, Mom drives a stick and I could shift that gear stick like there was no tomorrow!
  • I could brush my own teeth
  • I could play computer games the right way!!

Those are just a few things that I would do....but...I believe the MAIN thing I would do is COMPLETELY BAN MY MOM FROM WRITING ON THIS BLOG! It would be MINE, ALL MINE! I would be able to type to my heart's content, I could say what I want without fear of upsetting Mom. I would change all of the passwords on her social media accounts too!

There seem to be a number of kitties who are in agreement, so much so in fact, that my buddy Austin has taken matters into his own paws and has created NUCAT (A UNION FOR CATS!)
Click to visit Austin's blog!
Let me tell ya, I don't wear a collar, but if I did, you can bet your sweet tail my collar color would be BLUE ALL THE WAY BABY!!!!

Austin and many other cats, including myself, are up to our ears with the incompetence of our "Affiliate Typists", aka, humans, 2-leggers, Moms, Dads, whatever you wanna call them, and we are not going to take it anymore!!!

In Austins Words:

The time has come for cats to show
That we should not go with the flow.
We'll gather as one to tell the human,
That we are starting a CAT'S UNION!

We'll call it the N.U.C.A.T.
And all can join voluntarily.
All for one and one for all,
Let's fight the fight and stand up tall.

There you have it my furiends!!! Won't you join us in the fight to stand up for our rights against these hapless affiliate typists that CLAIM that they have our best interests at heart? If so, head on over to Austin's blog and grab your badge today!!!! If we all band together, and if we ONLY had thumbs, we would take over the world!!!!!!!!!!

 What do ya think kitties? Are you with Austin and the rest of us? 
Let's take back our blogs!!! Love, Cody

Monday, March 2, 2015

Happy Birthday To YOU Dr.Seuss!

This post first appeared on our blog on March 2nd, 2013....I decided to have it  make an appearance on EVERY Dr.Seuss Day! 

Today is the day,
it's truer than true,
today is the day 
we tell Dr.Seuss

Mom first discovered Dr.Seuss
as a child of age 4,
When she would "read"
she would shout
"I want MORE!"

is a date to be remembered

Write it on your wall!
It is  the birthday
of probably the most
popular children's book author of all!
courtesy of cracked.com

He wrote Mom's faves,
oh how she  LOVES those green eggs!
Mom's first long word,
that she ever read,
it was in one of Seuss's books
and at age 6,
 Mom figured it out
just by using her head!

It is only appropriate on this
most special day,
that we wish 
Dr. Seuss the

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Winner! Learn To Speak Cat (2), The Latest Mews, By Anthony Smith

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