Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Cat Show! The International Cat Association (TICA)

There will be hundreds of cats in attendance

Adoptable Cats will be there too!

Photo Courtesy of  http://www.glcatconsortium.com/

Suburban Collection Showplace
 46100 Grand River Ave., Novi, MI 48374

Saturday and Sunday from 9am – 4pm
$4 per person--all ages
$5 parking fee
 Cats from all over the world will compete in six separate divisions for titles, regional, and international awards. It’s cats galore as the hall fills with fantastic and unusual felines. 7 rings running continuously each day! Lots of vendors for those feline products as well!

Come and see breeds such as the curly Cornish Rex, the wild-looking Bengals and Savannahs, the folded eared Scottish Folds and many, many more breeds - plus a lot of vendors of cat-related products and gifts!

Judges will hail from all over the world, including Russia and Brazil!

Want to show your pedigreed or mixed breed cat?

Please go to www.GLCatConsortium.com before July 27 to enter!
For show information: Show Information: www.GLCatConsortium.org or ToledoShow@AOL.com

Monday, July 21, 2014

Meow, Purr, Hiss – Understanding Talkative Cats By: Nancy Peterson, Cat Programs Manager for The Humane Society of the United States

 One day, Kathy, a client of the veterinary clinic where I worked as a registered veterinary technician, called to confirm our lunch date for the next day. During the call she says, “By the way, a long-haired tri-color cat has been meowing at my door for days. I think her family moved and left her behind.” I immediately asked, “Do you mean a long-haired calico?” I’d been saying for at least a year that my next cat would be a long-haired calico. Could this be her?

When I arrived, the cat was crying at Kathy’s door. “Isn’t Meow Meow beautiful?” Kathy said. That’s what Kathy called the cat because she was very talkative. Poor kitty, she really wanted to get inside. After lunch, I got a better look at her and because the veterinarian I worked for was an angel and often helped homeless cats, I thought it would be okay to bring Meow Meow to the clinic.

Although it was my day off, I drove Meow Meow to the clinic. She didn’t make a peep in the car. After one of the veterinarians examined her and drew blood to test her for feline leukemia, I vaccinated her and gave her a flea bath. She was a great little patient. I was starting to fall in love. “Okay, Meow Meow,” I told her as I prepared to leave for the day, “If your feline leukemia test is negative, I’m going to take you home and introduce you to my cat, Buddy.”

"Daisy" Photo Courtesy of The HSUS

That was the beginning of my wonderful relationship with Meow Meow. Although I renamed her Daisy, she stayed true to her original name, and the house became very quiet when she died at 19 years of age.

You may not know that the meow is rarely used between cats. They rely more on body language and scents than vocalization to communicate with each other, although vocalizations may be used as well. Even we humans understand that a growl, hiss or scream means a cat is stressed. He or she could be saying, “I’m upset because I see a cat outside the window,” “I’m afraid because I don’t like having my nails clipped” or “I’m in pain when you touch me there.”

However, recognizing the meaning of cat body language on its own is not something that most people have mastered. Many are bitten or scratched for failing to take heed of the twitching skin, swishing tail, and grabbing paw that may indicate that a cat is getting upset. That’s because people communicate primarily through verbal language. Leave it to our clever cats to crack the code to effectively communicate with us.

Joelyne King's Cat, NarniaPhotographer: Meredith Lee

 Our cats have mastered the art of meow. I’m sure you’ve learned to recognize what your cat’s different meows mean – wake up, feed me, open the bedroom door and so on – depending on the volume, duration and intensity.

If your cat adopts a new vocalizing behavior, it may mean he or she is in some sort of pain. On the other hand, if your talkative cat stops vocalizing, it may also mean something hurts. It’s best to contact your veterinarian because cats often hide signs of illness until they’re seriously ill, and any change in behavior may be an early sign of a medical problem.

If your cat is new to your home or has just gone through a change – such as a person or other animal moving in or out – and she has just started talking, be patient. Yelling at your cat may scare him or her. If your cat thinks of your yelling as positive attention, he or she may continue to be noisy. If you ignore the chatter, it will probably stop on its own. If it doesn’t, contact your veterinarian.

Joelyne King's Cat, NarniaPhotographer: Meredith Lee

After the death or departure of a person or animal in your cat’s life, he or she may vocalize to express grief. This can be a normal part of the grieving process. The best thing you can do is keep your cat’s normal schedule the same (or as close to it as possible) and spend some extra time cuddling and playing during quiet moments. With time, the vocalizing should subside. If your cat does not return to his or her normal self, consult your veterinarian to make sure there is no underlying medical problem.

As cats age, their hearing may diminish. Daisy gradually became deaf in her older years and I didn’t understand that her frequent yowling meant that she could no longer hear. It’s not unusual for cats to vocalize if they suffer from arthritis and other painful ailments or senility. It’s easy to chalk up the talk to aging, but something more serious could be going on. Again, contacting your veterinarian is the best course of action.
Oriental breeds, such as Siamese cats, are known to be very talkative. If your cat has a pointed face and a long, lean body, chances are he or she has some Oriental heritage and “talking” is just a character trait. If your cat’s chatter bothers you, avoid giving attention when he or she talks, because that will only encourage the vocal behavior. Instead, give attention during quiet moments.

Cats may talk because they want your attention. If you talk back, feeding, petting or even picking him or her up and temporarily putting  them in another room – assuming your cat likes to be picked up – encourages the chatter. I know it can be hard to ignore a talkative cat, but you need to ignore the behavior in order to discourage it. Only pay attention to your cat when he or she is quiet: pour on the love, have playtime, or once in a while, reward with a treat. This will teach your cat which behaviors you would like to continue.

How often do you talk to your cat? To learn more about chatty cats, read “The Cat’s Meow: Understanding Your Feline Friend.”

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Jewelry Keepsakes Winners!!!

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Winners on Wednesday!

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Cats! Grab your food bowls, it's DINNER TIME Somewhere! #nutrishforcats Enter to win!

Kitties!!!!! I am purring with excitement about the goodies that I have to share with you today! As many of you know, I am one of a clowder of Ambassacats for NEW NUTRISH FOR CATS! That makes me purr with pride!

Our family has been a Nutrish family since Nutrish for Dogs first appeared on the market in 2008. My Sheltie brother Dakota has been eating it ever since, he is also a proud Ambassadog for the Nutrish brand!! (Dakota was eating Nutrish long before he had a blog, his blog didn't begin until 2011 and mine started in 2009). I had felt left out for quite some time, until Rachael Ray announced that she  had created Nutrish for Cats!

For the last month or so I was lounging around staring out the window and  sunning myself, and I began wondering when I would hear from Mission Control at Nutrish to let me know when my next  mission would be. I began pacing with anticipation! I wanted to share all of the goodness that is Nutrish for Cats with my kitty furiends!!  Kitties, I didn't have to wait long! One day when I was purrticularly hungry I heard a knock at the door. Look what arrived!

I wondered out loud, WHAT COULD THIS BE? This was one of MANY times that I wished I had thumbs to open this!  I KNEW it had to be good! I ran to get Mom and she helped me open the box, it was like CHRISTMAS  Chanukah in JULY!!!!  (what do you expect, I'm a Jewish kitty!!!)

It was a Nutrish for Cats Sample Kit !!!!
How pawsome is that fish wrapping paper on the top left?
The jars on the right had brown rice for Mom so that she could make a delish dinner for she and Dad (Dinner for Two),  and a cat nip toy for me!!!
Oh how I knew I was going to LOVE my  SAMPLING KIT!!
I knew I had to start washing my paws so that I could jump right in!
Everything was packaged in that pawsome shopping bag that you see to the right above!  Mom was disappointed that I didn't play with the toy or the bag much:

 True to form, I was much more interested in the FOOD than I was in the bag OR the toy, but we all know I am all about the FOOD! Especially when it is Nutrish For Cats that we're talkin' about!!!   The heck with cat toys and empty paper bags, just GIVE ME MY NUTRISH FOR CATS!

allow your cat to eat directly from a bag
The above shot lasted about 5 seconds
Cody was closely supervised!!!

I LOVE the Natural Dry Cat Food! 
I received the Real Salmon and Brown Rice recipe dry food. Real chicken or salmon is always the number one ingredient in every bag of Rachael Ray Nutrish® for Cats. There’s no ground corn, wheat or soy. And there’s never any by-products artificial flavors or artificial preservatives. Just wholesome whole grains and veggies plus the vitamins, minerals and taurine that we kitties need to be healthy and happy.

I LOVE the Natural Wet Cat Food
I received 3 different flavors (I think the Chicken  Purrcata is my fave!)  that were all inspired by recipes from Rachael's kitchen, these delicious recipes are made with simple, natural ingredients like real chicken or fish. There are no grains or anything artificial either — just essential vitamins and minerals for a tasty food your cat will love. Nutrish® for Cats is available where you shop for your family’s groceries. 

Before I was purrmitted to eat my Lip Smackin' Sardine & Mackerel that has
delicious chunks of sardines and mackerel in an irresistible sauce with added vitamins, minerals and taurine, Mom said that this was a special day and I had to wear my bow tie for the occasion.

Because I received the Real Salmon and Brown Rice bag of dry food, Mission Control provided my Mom with a recipe to make for she and Dad that also featured REAL SALMON AND BROWN RICE! It was called the SMOKY MAPLE GLAZED SALMON SUPPER and you can find the recipe HERE!!!  

Watching Mom prepare for, and then make the recipe was when the show REALLY started!! Mom considers herself to be a good cook, she really is, but she rarely follows recipes to the letter. Mom was nervous because 2 different stores didn't have watercress, she bought the wrong size carrots, she dumped (yes, I said DUMPED), too many peas into the frying pan, AND the brainiac forgot that Mission Control had sent her brown rice, so she used HER OWN!  Oh, the recipe also calls for the skin to be REMOVED from the salmon (before cooking!), what did Mom do? She left it on!!! Well guess what, Dad said that this was the BEST salmon that Mom has EVER MADE!! Mom said that even minus the watercress and the skin being on the salmon (the skin developed an amazing, delicious, crispy, maple yumminess!) that the dish was FANTASTIC!! This one is a keeper! Check out the photos!!!!

Ok, Mom said because this dish came out so perfectly and the flavor was to die for, she wants you to see a GOOD photo of the plated meal!

If all of the above isn't enough to make you hungry I don't know what is!!! I don't know about you but I am going to hop on over to the website to check out ALL OF THE FLAVORS of dry and wet food , you can too!!!  Also:

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Keep your eyes open for our special post on July 29th  about Rachael's latest initiative: Shelter Cats Are Beautiful! Mom and I are so excited we can't stop purring!!!!  Proceeds for Nutrish for Dogs and Nutrish for Cats, as always, are given to Rachael's Rescue. Find out more at rachaelsrescue.org

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Rachael Ray Nutrish. All thoughts and opinions are my own.  As always, thank you for reading and supporting our sponsors.
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