Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Rachael Ray™ Nutrish™ Embarks on 16 City Tour to Capture the True Beauty of Shelter Cats! #ShelterCatsAreBeautiful !

"A picture is worth a thousand words"

Rachael Ray™ Nutrish™  knows this and is working hard to find homes for shelter cats by taking photos that showcase their true beauty!

Sixteen cities. One goal 

To capture the TRUE BEAUTY of shelter cats

Millions of cats enter shelters every year, where they're often quickly put into cages. They're scared, confused and sometimes even dirty. A photo is snapped and then quickly shared, to be seen by people looking to adopt. Unfortunately, these photos don't always capture the full beauty and personality of the cats. That's why Rachael Ray™ Nutrish™ is proud to partner with GreaterGood.org® and One Picture Saves a Life™. Together, they will travel across the country taking photos worthy of these loving cats who are simply looking for a second chance.

Rachael Ray Nutrish will take the “Shelter Cats areBeautiful” tour to 16 cities
across the country and offer professional grooming and photography services to
capture the full beauty and personality of cats in need of adoption. The
program will also provide shelters with the necessary tips, tools and equipment
to groom and capture best possible photographs of shelter pets in the future.
This program helps celebrate the launch of Rachael Ray Nutrish‘s new line of
natural food for cats, which is now available in stores nationwide. Rachael is
dedicated to helping animals in need and donates her proceeds from the sale
of Rachael Ray Nutrish to help animal support organizations, which has resulted
in more than $6.5 million in donations to date.

“Unfortunately there are a lot of animals in shelters that need a home, which is
why I started my food for pets, Nutrish, as a way to continuously fund programs
that help animals in need,” said Rachael. “Every year, 8 million scared and
disoriented pets enter the U.S. shelter system hoping for someone to love and
care for them. With our ‘Shelter Cats Are Beautiful’ tour, I’m hoping we help
people see just how beautiful shelter cats are, with the goal of getting these
pets into loving homes more quickly.”

Rachael  kicked off the national tour with an event in New York City on July 11.
Then the “Shelter Cats are Beautiful” tour will continue throughout the summer
rolling through: Bentonville, Buffalo, Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Denver,
Detroit, (As a Nutrish Brand Advocate, I am excited because I happen to work closely with the shelter that will be a part of the tour, and I am going to have an EXCLUSIVE visit there!, Will keep you updated as the tour date draws closer!!) Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Nashville, Orlando, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and San Antonio are also a part of this tour.

You can keep  posted on photos of the kitties and exact dates of the tour by visiting the
  Shelter Cats Are Beautiful website!  (If the date and participating shelter for your city isn't there now, it will be posted soon!)

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Rachael Ray Nutrish.   As always, thank you for reading and supporting our sponsors.

Monday, July 28, 2014

A most SPECIAL Gotcha Day!! And A Yeowww! Give-Away!

Today is a most special day!!!

Cody is featured
on the Cat Blogosphere
Calendar today!!

Originally I was going to make this entire post a silly one, but due to events that transpired last Friday and Saturday, I am going to begin this with a little bit of mushiness.

Last Friday Cody went to the vet for his annual exam, nothing special, just a normal check-up with a weigh-in (he is too fat, he gained 2 lbs and is 13.8 lbs!!), nail trim and two vaccinations.

I wasn't particularly concerned about the vaccines, (Rabies, Feline Rhino/Calici/Distemper) because Cody had them before and had experienced NO side effects. The vet and I agreed after double-checking his records, that more than likely he would be fine.

That wasn't the case.

My poor boy! About an hour after he got home he vomited (large amounts) a few times in a row, he barely moved and only occasionally would lift his head to look at my husband and I with bleary eyes.  He wouldn't move from the bottom level of his cat tower.

It tore me apart to see Cody the way that he was, but thankfully by noon on Saturday, he was on his way to being back to his food obsessed self!

Those that follow us on Facebook saw the updates that I posted, but for those that missed it, Cody wanted to let everyone know that he is fine and wanted to thank everyone who sent him well wishes. He also wants to thank "Dr.Smiley" for being in close contact on the phone, even though he had a day off on Saturday! We don't know what we would do without him!

He bonded quite a bit with his Daddy too!

From Friday morning til mid Saturday afternoon I was terrified for my boy. Thankfully, he is completely well,  and it made me appreciate this Gotcha Day that much more! The past couple of nights he has snuggled on my chest the way he did as a tiny kitten, and listened to me tell him how much his Dad, Dakota, and I love him, and about how happy I was when I adopted him on July 28, 2007.

Cody and my husband have grown particularly close in the past few months, he is still a "Mama's Boy" but he loves his Daddy more than words can convey. This year I wanted to share one of my favorite photos of Cody and Lenny when Cody was newly adopted:


In honor of Cody's Gotcha Day,  I contacted our furiends at:

and asked if they would be interested in having a give-away in honor of Cody's Gotcha Day. Being the generous and fantastic sports that they are, and the fact that we had featured them a few times already, they readily agreed!

Kitties, are you ready?
We are giving away the

How CLASSY is this packaging?
Purrfect for celebrating
a special occasion

(like a SEVENTH Gotcha Day),
or for just passing the time!

ONE Catnip Cigar would be great
but Kitties!

 Each one is hand stuffed with
 100% organically grown YEOWWW! catnip
 The classiest catnip toy yet!

Wanna hear something cute? Yeowww! Catnip products are made by DuckyWorld! (Oh I LOVE Ducks even more now!)  DuckyWorld works closely with private farmers to grow, manage, and harvest the BEST organically grown catnip on the Earth!!!

 No chemicals or pesticides are used in cultivation, which means Yeowww!® Catnip is completely safe for cats and humans.

From DuckyWorld:Each and every one of our toys is completely filled with our fabulous catnip. 100% stuffed FULL of premium, organically grown catnip. No cotton fillers, no plastic pieces, and certainly none of that cheaper ‘toy grade’ stuff. After all, they are catnip toys – shouldn’t they be filled with catnip? We think so and filling them to the max with Yeowww!® Catnip gives you the best value.

All of our toys are handmade in the USA – something we feel is important to us and our customers. The fabric is high quality cotton twill strong enough to withstand as much scratching, biting, bunny-kicking and slobber a cat can dish out. Each toy is individually stuffed and hand-sewn so people know they are getting a toy with a touch of personality as well as being carefully handcrafted. 

WANT TO WIN A YEOWWW! Catnip Cigar 3 Pack Tin? OF COURSE YOU DO!!!! Our pals at DuckyWorld are offering 5 WINNERS THEIR OWN TIN!!! EASY ENTERING ON THE RAFFLECOPTER BELOW!! GIVE-AWAY IS OPEN WORLD-WIDE! After you enter, be sure to CELEBRATE with us! BE SURE TO WATCH OUR VIDEO UNDER THE RAFFLECOPTER!! (If the Rafflecopter is slow to load, please be patient) Thanks and  GOOD LUCK!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Caturday Art: Studio Emma Kaufmann

It has been a while since Cody and I participated in the Caturday Art Hop, hosted by Athena and Marie,  but we couldn't let another Caturday go by without telling you about a magically mystical portrait that was done for us by:

Emma's Pet Portraits

Click here to visit her website!
When Emma and I connected, she mentioned to me that she had become inspired by one of Cody's cat horoscope posts which led her to create a pastel portrait of "Mystical Cody," I think she was channeling Van Gogh that day!! Emma has named this:

"Starry Starry Cody"

The use of color, the movement, even the detail showing the texture of Cody's fur is just amazing!!!!  Emma captured Cody's signature "stare"  and the clear, green pools that are his eyes. The relaxing purple-pink-gray-lavender hues are peaceful and serene. This is definitely a favorite of mine, and I am blessed to have received it. I am still searching for the perfect frame, the dimensions of this portrait are (18x24), when I find it, it will be hung with pride in my office with the rest of my cat art.

I am beyond grateful to Emma for creating this ethereal portrait that I will cherish always.

About Emma:
This London City Chick swapped life in the fast lane for the slow pace of Baltimore, USA fourteen years ago. She  swapped crumpets for crab cakes and incessant rain for the Ravens and has never been happier!

Her pet portrait blog is Emma's Pet Portraits, she works in pastel or watercolor or other mediums on request.

Emma has also penned a hilarious book for the first year after giving birth called Cocktails at Naptime Cocktails at Naptime - A Woefully Inadequate Guide to Early Motherhood.

Click here for more info

Friday, July 25, 2014

To the #CatCave Cody!!

It's not every day that I receive an email from companies located  in Lithuania or the UK,  so when I first received an email from Kivikis.com asking if I wanted to have Cody try their Cat Cave, to say I was leery was an understatement. After a few emails back and forth to check their validity, I agreed, and  I am THRILLED that I did. From the moment the Cat Cave arrived it became an immediate favorite of Cody's.

Before I tell you about the Cat Cave, let me say that there are similar products on the market, (one of them, The Cat Ball,   I reviewed back in January of 2012, which in it's genre is the ORIGINAL), you can read  that review here.

The Cat Cave isn't passing itself off as the above mentioned  product. The glaring difference is the other product is open on BOTH ends and is shaped differently.The Cat Cave has only one opening and to me, resembles a giant, comfy EGG. Another difference is the Cat Cave is made of a super comfy, non-scratchy 100% ORGANIC FELTED WOOL.

From the Kivikis Shop On Etsy:

My name is kivikis ;)))
I'm an artist, interested in media arts and graphic design. Currently studying about wool felting.
I glad to see you and Welcome to my small shop.
For a long time I've played with the idea of working with wool and I've read hundreds of articles and books about felt wool craft. With small steps starting from that idea I've begin to practice and make different small items for my friends and family. I loved it! And I became more and more addicted to this job. After found out about Etsy, I decided to take the next step to open a shop here.
From then I've tried to become better with my craft every day. From felting, stitching, photographing and shipping,
 I   put all my effort and skills in building YOUR PERSONAL 100% HANDMADE item.
All products are shipped from Lithuania.

The shop is named after Kivikis, "actor, model fitter"

Photo courtesy of: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/170686283/cat-bed-house-cave-nap-cocoon-from?ref=listing-7
Because wool  has a "natural, self-cleaning aspect", it is only necessary to occasionally wipe the Cat Cave to clean it. But if you want to clean it, here is a charming video that shows you how.

The Cat Caves vary in shape because they are made by hand so each one will be a little bit different.

My only complaint when the Cat Cave arrived was that it wasn't wrapped inside the box that it was placed in, my suggestion would be to at least wrap it in plastic or something instead of just placing it in a box. That being said, the TRUE TEST?

Right here!
I can count on one hand the number of products that Cody has INSTANTLY taken to without my having to cajole him with treats or catnip. THIS WAS ONE OF THEM.  The day the bed arrived, Cody was suffering from one of his MANY allergy flare-ups. I put the Cat Cave in my office and walked away figuring it would take Cody WEEKS to try it out at all. I was WRONG. I returned approx a half hour later and there he was.

The Cat Cave has remained a favorite since the day it arrived. I couldn't be happier. If Cody is happy, then I AM HAPPY!

Where you can find the Cat Cave:

I received no compensation for featuring the Cat Cave.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Book:Dangled Carat, ( GEM of a book) by Hilary Grossman gets a new look!

We are proud to announce and share in the excitement that Author Hilary Grossman is experiencing with the release of the NEW COVER for her hugely successful book: Dangled Carat! It was unveiled today and it is sparkling and shimmering! See for yourself!


You can also follow Hilary on her blog:

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