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Cat Toy: "Go Fish" from The Jackson Galaxy™ Collection by Petmate® (Review and Give-Away!)

Disclosure from Cody: no green papers exchanged paws for this review. I received a Jackson Galaxy Go Fish by Petmate in exchange for my always honest review! Neither Petmate or Jackson Galaxy is responsible for anything I meowed during this review.

Hi my kitty furiends! It's Cody handling the review duties today! I have been blogging for nearly 8 years now (wow my paws are TIRED!!), and throughout that time I have been reviewing/featuring, (Mom too, when it has been applicable),  toys, books, TV shows,  and special philanthropic causes AND MORE, that a certain special "Cat Daddy" has been a part of. This special purrson needs no introduction, but in the event that you are living under a bag of kitty litter and don't know who he is, this special purrson is Jackson Galaxy. Years ago I reviewed a few of his toys and today marks the first day  of a few special items that I will be sharing with you over the next few weeks, (and giving away to you if you are lucky!). These items are from the:

Jackson Galaxy™ Collection by Petmate® 

Share A Better World With Your Cat

"Cats who play are naturally more confident in their territorial ownership, meaning they will be happier and better behaved. The Jackson Galaxy™ Collection by Petmate® taps directly into their natural instincts to bring out their best."

The first item I am going to present to you is the Jackson Galaxy Go Fish Cat Toy  . Normally when Mom needs me to review something, I am not always the most cooperative cat in town, but when this item came I IMMEDIATELY went to scope it out!

Jackson Galaxy Go Fish
Jackson Galaxy™ Go Fish is a self-activating play cat toy that truly satisfies your cat’s hunting instincts and keeps him engaged for hours and hours of stimulating fun! Jackson demonstrates how to place cat treats throughout the Go Fish pegs to keep your cat busy with this puzzle toy. This dishwasher-safe toy is versatile and doubles as a slow-feed bowl!
Now, here is Jackson to tell you more about it!

Let me tell you kitties I LOVE this toy!! Leave it to my crotchety Mama to have only ONE tiny complaint. She said it was extremely hard to get the fishies into the holes (now remember, this is MY Mama talking, the rest of you probably have humans who aren't as "challenged" as my Mama is.). While Mom was trying to put the fishies in the hole, I heard HBO words kitties that would knock your white socks off (if you are kitties with white paws that double as socks!). Once my brainiac Mom stopped muttering profanities while trying to put the adorable little fish in the holes, I was FINALLY able to ENJOY and LOVE my toy!!

See? I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! (Oh and that comfy looking clam shell bed that you see in these photos? We are going to be having a give-away for that too on August 4th!!).......the photos below will show you that the Jackson Galaxy Go Fish Cat Toy is A LOT of FUN and kept me busy!

This toy is SUPER PAWESOME!!!!!!! If it involves food, I'm all over it! Mom says it is a good way to keep me from inhaling eating my treats and kibble too fast which is my normal preferred style of eating! What can I say? I take my treats and food seriously!!


 Kitties! If your human resides in the U.S. and is 18 and over and can enter for you, you could be the LUCKY WINNER of the Go Fish cat toy from The Jackson Galaxy™ Collection by Petmate® !! Entering is super easy, just enter on the Rafflecopter below and good luck!!!
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About Jackson Galaxy™

Jackson Galaxy is the host and executive producer of Animal Planet’s hit show, My Cat From Hell, currently entering its sixth season. Throughout the show’s run, he has consistently challenged both the traditional cat-lover stereotype, with his tattoo-clad arms and guitar case filled with cat toys, and the way cats themselves are perceived. Jackson started his career working "in the trenches" in animal shelters, and since then, has spent over 20 years developing his “Cat Mojo” approach to solving cat (and human) issues. He has dedicated his life to promoting a compassionate world for all animals and, with the establishment of the Jackson Galaxy Foundation, is intensifying his work toward the ultimate goal of achieving a “no-kill” reality in the U.S. and beyond. Jackson’s first book, Cat Daddy: What the World’s Most Incorrigible Cat Taught Me About Life, Love, and Coming Clean, was published by Tarcher in 2012. Coauthored with cat style expert Kate Benjamin of, his second book Catification: Designing a Happy & Stylish Home for Your Cat (and You!) reached #1 on The New York Times Animal Bestseller list in 2014.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

UPDATE to the post "Kitties! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Hi my furiends!!! It's Cody! I have something super impawtant to tell you!!!

Remember back on July 5th when I was hissing about having received an email from the Vet saying it was time for my vaccines and I asked you to help?  Well, you sure did!!! Mom and "Dr.Smiley" discussed my vaccine issue and I couldn't be happier! I ONLY have to have my rabies vaccine and THAT won't be until SEPTEMBER!!!!! (I will have my wellness visit at the same time!)

I thank you my kitty furiends and I thank your humans too for all of their input!!!  You saved me!!!

But....while my vaccines were being discussed, it was discovered that someone else had to get in for one of their vaccines............


and not only did Dakota have to go to the Vet on July 8th for his rabies shot, he has to go back on July 25th for ANOTHER shot AND he is going back to the groomer (which is attached to the Vet)...on July 29th!!!

(for now)

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

"Nah, Nah, Nah", National Stick Out Your Tongue Day-Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Picture Me This Photohunt Week 29:"Opposite"

We are happy to be a part of  a fun blogging event that was created by our friends over at A Tonk's Tail. It is a weekly photohunt. There is no pressure to participate, just jump in whenever you are able as we are doing this week! You can post on any social media channel that you wish, there is ZERO pressure (which is something WE LOVE!!)

We may be "OPPOSITES"
 but we are BEST FRIENDS!!!

If you participate in this photohunt be sure to tag #PMTphotohunt and @tonkstail

Monday, July 17, 2017

Cat Book Review: "the Inner Life of Cats" by Thomas McNamee (Give-Away!)

(The Science and Secrets of Our Mysterious Feline Companions)
Cover Courtesy of Thomas McNamee


Our feline companions are much-loved but often mysterious. In The Inner Life of Cats, Thomas McNamee blends scientific reportage with engaging, illustrative anecdotes about his own beloved cat, Augusta, to explore and illuminate the secrets and enigmas of her kind.

As it begins, The Inner Life of Cats follows the development of the young Augusta while simultaneously explaining the basics of a kitten's physiological and psychological development. As the narrative progresses, McNamee also charts cats' evolution, explores a feral cat colony in Rome, tells the story of Augusta's life and adventures, and consults with behavioral experts, animal activists, and researchers, who will help readers more fully understand cats. 

"Augusta" Courtesy of Thomas McNamee's Facebook Page

McNamee shows that with deeper knowledge of cats' developmental phases and individual idiosyncrasies, we can do a better job of guiding cats' maturation and improving the quality of their lives. Readers' relationships with their feline friends will be happier and more harmonious because of this book.

Courtesy of the Inner Life of Cats 


Beautifully written,  the Inner Life of Cats by Thomas McNamee begins when kitten Augusta was found wandering in the snow. It follows Augusta's life from kittenhood, to becoming a full-fledged cat, her death and how life and love continue on with the arrival of another kitty, "Isabel" whom this book is dedicated to. Experiences in Augusta's life, her development, quirks, feline characteristics and more are accompanied by extensively researched scientific studies, essays and more that are provided by Thomas McNamee. The book is heavy with facts/history and lighter on the actual story of Augusta's life.

"Isabel" as a kitten
Photo Courtesy of Thomas McNamee's Facebook page

I have to confess, while overall I enjoyed this book, my favorite parts were the parts where Thomas shares experiences and details about his beautiful black cat Augusta.  It was so heartfelt and beautiful, that I could have read an entire book that was focused entirely on Augusta. Now, that is MY opinion. Many of you will appreciate the ENORMOUS amount of research and documentation that went into the Inner Life of Cats in order to bring you detailed results of scientific studies, etc. I am NOT a scientific person and my mind tends to completely shut off when presented with many facts. Many of YOU who have more of a scientific/detailed mind than I do will greatly appreciate that. I wanted more Augusta. 

Now, don't get me wrong there was MUCH that I learned (and had confirmed) when I read this book. "The sensitive period of socialization for cats to people is from two to seven weeks of age." I had long thought that part of the reason for Cody's affable, flexible, friendly, confident, loving and trusting nature was that he received a ton of early socialization from his foster mom. I was right!

For those of you deeply immersed in the world of feral cats, you will LOVE the detailed information that is provided in this book. You will find the pros/cons of feral cats/colonies and more.

Being a long time fan of Jackson Galaxy, there are also numerous pages devoted to Jackson, his extensive experience in educating owners about how to correct unwanted cat behavior, and his esteemed title of being "The King of Cat Whisperers."


"All over the world, cats are coming into people's lives all day, kittens, middle-aged cats, old cats, damaged cats, grouchy cats, placid cats, cats sleek as otters, bony cats, fat cats, suspicious, trusting, restless, scaredy, fuzzy, fizzy, timid, foolish, crazy, cool. Wanted, unwanted, somewhere in between. Some will be abused, some ignored, many misunderstood. Some will be lonely, some will be sad, some will run away and be run over, some will sicken and die. Some will never know a day that isn't happy, full of birds and children's chatter or timeless and serene. Nearly all will love someone."

"Their lives are shorter than ours. We can witness their lives from beginning to end, not just witness but BE IN them, from naming to knowing, from wonder to love, an arc, and then-now-another. We can, we must mean to be kind. "Let us not be weary," wrote Paul to the Galatians, "in well doing." Every day of her life, the kitten and the cat she becomes will make the effort worth our while."

If you are on this blog, you more than likely LOVE CATS. I urge you to pick up a copy of this beautifully written and superbly researched book which will increase your understanding of the fabulous feline(s) who shares your life, and help to enhance the lives that you share together.


Thomas McNamee
Courtesy of his Facebook Page

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: THOMAS MCNAMEE is the recipient of a 2016 John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation fellowship. He is the author of The Grizzly Bear, Nature First:Keeping our Wild Places and Wild Creatures Wild, and The Return of the Wolf to Yellowstone, among many other books. He lives in San Francisco.

GIVE-AWAY: Thomas has generously agreed to GIVE AWAY 5 COPIES OF The Inner Life of Cats to those who reside in the U.S.A AND WHO ARE 18 and OVER (an approx $20 value). Entering is easy! Just enter on the rafflecopter below, good luck! 
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