Monday, April 27, 2015

Cats and Humans! Enter to win the Tiniest Tiger Tote or Gracey Tote from Triple T Studios! World-Wide Give-Away!

Hi all! I am beyond excited to host a special give-away from our friends at Triple T Studios!

At the end of this post anyone in the world will be able to enter to win either the Tiniest Tiger Tote (featured on the upper left) or the Gracey Tote (featured on the right),


If the Tiniest Tiger Tote above, (and below) looks "worn", it is because I carry this tote nearly EVERY day. That tote has logged more air miles  than I would have ever imagined. I have taken it on nearly every blogging trip I have been on (and that is quite a few!)

There are so many things that I love about the Tiniest Tiger Tote! See the way it "slouches?" That is because it is made out of microfiber with signature cat quilting that is unique and proprietary to Triple T Studios. It is also proudly made in the USA!

From Triple T Studios:

This one of a kind tote features The Tiniest Tiger's feline finesse quilted into the fabric creating a subtle yet cool cat appearance. The sleek black color is sure to complement all of your favorite fashions. The Tote is perfect for transporting your laptop, and all your other essentials.  The Tote features a magnetic snap closure for security.

The tote's inside zippered pouch keeps your small items ready for easy access.  The interior features a sturdy base, removable for washing. The bag is machine washable and can be tumbled dry.

Triple T Studios once again walked the Red Carpet when our The Tiniest Tiger Tote was part of the 2012 Celebrity Gifts in Honor of the Emmy Awards.

When I travel I use this bag as my main carry on bag. It has held my airline-travel-regulation-size bag of toiletries,  my standby banana and bottled water for the flight, a few magazines, a zillion pens, eye glasses, gum, tissue, business cards,  (get the idea?), with ease and I still had room for more! A must for any bag that I carry is that it has to work as an "over-the-shoulder" bag and this one fits the bill perfectly!

When not using my Tiniest Tiger Tote for travel, it is my "go-to" daily tote and currently holds all of my supplies and information for my weekly Weight Watchers meetings.

Product Specifications
13"H x12"W x 3.5"D
13.5" Strap Drop
6"H x7.25"W Interior Zippered Pouch

Magnetic Snap Closure

This year, for possibly the first time, my Tiniest Tiger Tote might not be attending the BlogPaws conference in May, why? Because Triple T Studios sent me the Gracey Tote!

Photo Courtesy of Triple T Studios
How adorable is that pattern? There is nothing I love more than looking at that bag and seeing the precious face of darling Gracey (who helped design the bag!) 

Because the BlogPaws Conference is being held in May in Nashville, (which translates to GOOD and WARM weather), the Gracey Tote will probably be making its debut  as my new carry-on!

From Triple T Studios:

The Gracey quilted fabric creates a fresh and fun tote to carry. The Tote is perfect for transporting your laptop, and all your other essentials.  The quilted interior is a bright cat eye green making it easier to find items inside your bag.

Photo Courtesy of Triple T Studios

The Tote features a magnetic snap closure for security.

The tote's inside zippered pouch keeps your small items ready for easy access.  The interior features a sturdy base, removable for washing. The bag is machine washable and can be tumbled dry.

Here is another inside view of the Gracey Tote,
 this photo is one I took of my tote:

Product Specifications
13"H x12"W x 3.5"D
13.5" Strap Drop
6"H x7.25"W Interior Zippered Pouch
Magnetic Snap Closure
Proudly Made in the USA

Now, you know you want BOTH of these bags, right?
 Well you are in luck!


A huge thank you to our friends at Triple T Studios who are allowing us to have TWO WINNERS!!!! The winners may be located ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!!!! The winners chosen can choose from either of the bags shown above! Entering is easy! Just enter on the Rafflecopter below, there are TWO MANDATORY ENTRY REQUIREMENTS,  SO KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED!! Good luck!!! a Rafflecopter giveaway

In full disclosure:We received our Tiniest Tiger Tote a few years ago, and our Gracey Tote (a few weeks ago),  at no charge from Triple T Studios in exchange for a fair and honest review and to have a give-away. Receiving the free product did not influence our opinion in any way. 

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Today is #WorldVeterinaryDay!!

Hi my furiends!! It's Cody!!

Today is a super special day! Now I know that many kitties and woofies cringe when they hear the word "V-E-T", but I gotta tell ya, we would be in deep cat litter if we didn't have a good Veterinarian! Dakota and I are blessed to have one of the best! Today is World Veterinary Day  a day when I can give my Vet and his associates a high-paw and tell them all how much I love them!

Veterinarians are a special group of health care professionals and scientists because they prevent disease in animals and treat animals of all kinds around the world.  Healthy animals also contribute to happier and healthier people.
In 2000, the World Veterinary Association initiated World Veterinary Day on the last Saturday of April each year to bring attention to the many ways veterinarians contribute to the health and well-being of animals and people around the world.  Most people know veterinarians as the “animal doctors” for our pets, livestock, horses, and a variety of more diverse animals such as zoo animals and exotic pets such as birds, reptiles, and small mammals.

 I know that my Vet (and the staff at DePorre Veterinary Hospital), love me and are always looking out for me.  Our Vet is gentle, caring and kind. He always tells Mom and Dad about what a "great cat" I am and that makes me purr with delight!

I started going to the vet when I was just a young kit and I remember the day like it was yesterday! Dr. "Smiley" (he is REALLY Dr.Lewis!), got the biggest kick out of me! He pulled out a pen and let me play with it while I was on the exam table, and he told my Mom "This one is FEARLESS!" He went on to say, "this can be a good thing or a BAD thing!"

This photo is from 2013
Before DePorre moved into their "new digs!!"
And before Dr.Lewis had his beard!

Thankfully it turned out to be a GOOD thing!

When I was neutered all of the lady Vet Techs fell in love with me and called me their "cuddle bug." They said that all I wanted to do was cuddle!!

Dr.Lewis always has time to talk to my Mom and always helps ease her worries, he always gives her the best advice. This past winter when I had my mysterious illness, he helped calm my Mom down (trust me that is no easy task!), and he was in constant communication with her. Mom, Dad, Dakota and I would be lost without him!

Mom, Dad, Dakota  and I consider our Vet to be an important member of our family! Dr.Lewis used to care for Grandpa Bobo and he helped him cross the bridge. He helped Mom know when it was "time" to help Grandpa Bobo on his journey. When Mom felt guilty adopting me a mere two weeks after Bobo left her, Dr. Lewis said, "You aren't REPLACING Bobo, no cat could ever do that. You are making NEW memories with a NEW cat. Bobo would want you to give the same love to another cat that you gave to him." Those words helped my Mom more than he probably even knows!

We are truly blessed to have such a professional, caring, and knowledgeable Veterinarian and the other Vets, Technicians, Receptionists, etc. at DePorre Veterinary Hospital , are pretty darned good too!

Today we salute our Veterinarian (who deserves a medal just for putting up with our babbling, hyper and over concerned Mom!) and the staff at DePorre Veterinary Hospital, as well as Veterinarians all over the world!!! Thank you for all that you do!

Love from,

Friday, April 24, 2015

#NationalHairballAwarenessDay !! We are Celebrating With FURminator Inc.

Hi furiends it's Cody!

As many of you know, tomorrow is a special day, it is:

National Hairball Awareness Day!!

I have been blogging almost six years now and during that time it has been my pleasure to help support FURminator Inc. in their quest to spread awareness about those pesky hairballs! FURminator  began celebrating the holiday in 2011, (and even though the holiday is technically on April 25th, according to Days Of The Year,  FURminator has traditionally been celebrating it the fourth Friday in April, so today is our official celebration!)

Hairballs are uncomfortable and dangerous to cats' health— they can even be deadly! They can cause blockages and all sorts of distress. Hairballs are easily prevented with regular grooming, which reduces loose hair and the potential for hairballs. 

Now, I wasn't particularly "gifted" in the fur department, but my Grandpa Bobo was and many of you reading this post are blessed with the most luxurious fur!

Even if I don't have long fur (except on my ample belly), I do clean myself and can ingest some fur just like the rest of you more fur-gifted  cats!  Mom helps keep my ingesting fur to a minimum by using my FURminator which I love and have been using for three years!!

This year FURminator teamed up with five YouTube creators to help spread this important message (if you cruise around the blogosphere I know you will see them on some of the cat blogs and they are posted on the FURminator Facebook page), but guess what? I happen to like this old video from a post I did in 2012 for FURminator Inc., which shows you just how much I love MY FURminator,  much, much better!

Regular grooming with a FURminator deShedding tool reduces loose hair and the potential for hairballs. Plus, grooming allows for quality time with your cat!  Look at me rolling around in ecstasy above, and you can tell just how much I love mine! It also  creates a bonding experience with your kitty! 

For more information visit the FURminator website, follow them on Facebook,  (where you can also see all of the videos of the creators that they teamed up with),   or on Twitter  use #NationalHairballAwarenessDay and on Instagram at furminator_inc too!

I was not compensated for this post. I just love my FURminator and hate hairballs so I wanted to help spread the word!

Love, Cody

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

It's Administrative Professionals Day and I'm Hiring!! (Just a few words on Wednesday)

FROM  CODY: This post first appeared two years ago. Sadly, things haven't changed, hence the reason I am posting this today! Love, Cody

Learn about Administrative Professionals Day here

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