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Help!! I'm Being Stalked By My Cat!! #sponsored

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Help!! I'm Being Stalked!!

Imagine if you will, you have just finished enjoying a delicious dinner with your husband. Your cat and dog have been fed their favorite food, they have had their after-dinner "treat" and now you are ready to relax.  Try as you might, you can't. There is a nagging, gnawing feeling that you are being watched.

You shrug it off, labeling it as unnecessary paranoia. You make your way into the bathroom to leave a deposit in your human litter box before resuming your evening activities. You sense that you aren't alone. You imagine that you hear the nearly silent sound of cat paws making their way across the cold, stark, bathroom floor tiles.

You CANNOT shake the feeling that you are being watched.

You are..............

Help!! I'm Being Stalked By My Cat!!

Allow me to explain. It all started innocently enough. After Cody had become ill after his vaccines a few months back, he seems to have taken a drink from the Fountain of Youth!  My I-won't-budge-unless-there-is-food-involved cat  has evolved into a mean,  NOT-SO-LEAN,  gray-striped playing machine! He strikes after dinner each and every night and he CANNOT get enough. His toy of choice is his Neko Fly, his playmate of choice? ME!

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Cody with all of my heart and cherish my time with him. I am WELL aware of the fact that being a responsible pet parent involves more than just feeding healthy and tasty food, regular veterinary check ups and providing a safe and loving environment. I KNOW that being the best pet parent that I can be involves active, one-on-one play time with my cat. I know all of this and it is all true. Playtime is a MUST

I take my responsibilities as a pet parent seriously, and helping to ensure that my cat is a HAPPY CAT who KNOWS that he is loved, is serious business to me. But...even I deserve a break!

We all know that cats have an innate sense of time that makes them furry, four-legged alarm clocks that know the PRECISE time that events that are important to them, (such as eating!) are supposed to take place. Cody is no different. He  is keenly aware of my routine, and if I do NOT make an appearance in the bedroom (his preferred area of play), when he  KNOWS I am supposed to required to appear, he will stoically maintain his vigil. He will sit, in the dark, ALONE...lurking...waiting...watching. His opaque-green eyes wide with anticipation. If I am in the bathroom that is attached to the bedroom, he will stalk me there. I am not permitted out of his range of vision UNTIL I PLAY.

Cody has a definite ritual involved in his play. He knows where "toy" (his name for his Neko  Fly toy), is kept. He will stand on his hind legs by the dresser drawer and meow for his furry pal to make an appearance. He will "warm-up" and get limber by doing a cobra stretch,  rolling and languishing on the carpet. Then, the fun begins! I sing a couple of songs while he plays, (which I spared your having to hear on the video below)

 Be sure to watch his moves ALL the way through, especially the last few frames!

There you have it! An inside peek into what has become an early evening ritual for me (whether I want it to be or not!), and a new found obsession/passion for Cody.

If that is all that it takes to help keep Cody happy and healthy, then I am one lucky pet parent. The sense of fulfillment and peace that he brings to me and the hours of love and laughs are worth sacrificing fifteen or twenty minutes an evening, don't you agree?

Help!! I'm Being Stalked By My Cat!!

and I wouldn't have it any other way!

What are the daily rituals that you share with YOUR cat(s)? Are they rituals that are your choice or based on your cat insisting that things be a certain way?  

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Communicate with your cat (and dog)

What is your cat trying to say?

Understand how to listen to & communicate with your pet
An evening with animal communicator Lisa Turek
September 17 at Birmingham Country Club

 Many pet owners say they talk to their  cats all the time.  Pet owners will find out on from animal communicator Lisa Turek who will answer the question, What do Fluffy & Fido really mean?  How to listen to and understand your pet at 5 p.m. and again at 7:30 p.m., Wednesday, September 17  at Birmingham Country Club.  The program is being offered by The Cat Practice veterinary hospital in Birmingham.

Turek says she is able to hold conversations with living and deceased animals by connecting with their spirits.  She says this is unlike a psychic who reads minds or predicts the future.  To connect with a pet, Turek needs a photo or description. She has used her abilities to help owners modify their pet’s behavior, locate lost pets, find out if sick pets are in pain, and to connect with pets that have passed on.  “I’m like the telephone,” she says.  “I’m the go between connecting the animal and the person.”

Turek says that animals understand much more than people think, are sensitive to human energy and emotions, and are intelligent in ways that people are not.  She says that pets communicate in mental pictures so pet owners should form images in their minds of positive behaviors and what they want their pet to carry out instead of thinking about negative behaviors and what their pet might do. 

Cindy Houlihan, DVM, of The Cat Practice, which is offering the program, always talks with her feline patients.  Houlihan began consulting with Turek years ago to get her advice on reducing patient stress.  Today, before every procedure, Houlihan and the other veterinarians and veterinary technicians at The Cat Practice, explain to their patients what is going to happen to them when they are getting a shot, having blood drawn, getting an x-ray or going to sleep for surgery.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

“Pets worry just like humans and want to know what’s happening to them,” Houlihan says.  “They also have a lot to say to us.  It’s not really a mystery – you just have to train yourself to listen.  Even our most skeptical staff members have been doing this.  The results are amazing.”

Cat owners notice how cats respond to Houlihan's bedside manner and ask how she does it.  The last time Turek was invited to speak, hundreds of pet owners showed up.

“Anyone can learn to communicate with their pet,” says Turek who offers personal consultations and weekend workshops.  “The more positive energy you send out, the more you are inviting your pet to have a conversation.  You just have to learn to listen to what they say to you.”

To register for What do Fluffy & Fido really mean?  How to listen to and understand your pet, call 248-540-3390 or go to  Donation of $10 per person includes light refreshments and goes to the Rufus Memorial Feline Fund for homeless cats and cats in need.  Sorry, no refunds.   Cat owners whose cats are patients of The Cat Practice get two free registrations.  Please leave pets at home.  Business attire requested.  Birmingham Country Club is at 1750 Saxon Drive in Birmingham, Michigan.

About Lisa Turek
Turek has been communicating with animals for 15 years.  She lives in northern Michigan with her husband, dog and three cats.  

About The Cat Practice
The Cat Practice, opened in 1981, is Michigan’s first cats-only veterinary hospital.  The Cat Practice provides advanced preventive and medical care with an emphasis on early detection to help cats live longer, better and healthier lives.  Located at 875 South Worth in Birmingham, Michigan, The Cat Practice cares for feline purebred and mixed breeds from around southeastern Michigan.  For information go to or call 248-540-3390.

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