Saturday, April 29, 2017

Happy #WorldVeterinaryDay !!

Hi my furiends!! It's Cody!!

Today is a super special day! Now I know that many kitties and woofies cringe when they hear the word "V-E-T", but I gotta tell ya, we would be in deep cat litter if we didn't have a good Veterinarian! Dakota and I are blessed to have one of the best! Today is World Veterinary Day  a day when I can give my Vet and his associates a high-paw and tell them all how much I love them!

Veterinarians are a special group of health care professionals and scientists because they prevent disease in animals and treat animals of all kinds around the world.  Healthy animals also contribute to happier and healthier people.
In 2000, the World Veterinary Association initiated World Veterinary Day on the last Saturday of April each year to bring attention to the many ways veterinarians contribute to the health and well-being of animals and people around the world.  Most people know veterinarians as the “animal doctors” for our pets, livestock, horses, and a variety of more diverse animals such as zoo animals and exotic pets such as birds, reptiles, and small mammals.

 I know that my Vet (and the staff at DePorre Veterinary Hospital), love me and are always looking out for me.  Our Vet is gentle, caring and kind. He always tells Mom and Dad about what a "great cat" I am and that makes me purr with delight!

I started going to the vet when I was just a young kit and I remember the day like it was yesterday! Dr. "Smiley" (he is REALLY Dr.Lewis!), got the biggest kick out of me! He pulled out a pen and let me play with it while I was on the exam table, and he told my Mom "This one is FEARLESS!" He went on to say, "this can be a good thing or a BAD thing!"

This photo is from 2013
Before DePorre moved into their "new digs!!"
And before Dr.Lewis had his beard!

Thankfully it turned out to be a GOOD thing!

When I was neutered all of the lady Vet Techs fell in love with me and called me their "cuddle bug." They said that all I wanted to do was cuddle!!

Dr.Lewis always has time to talk to my Mom and always helps ease her worries, he always gives her the best advice. Two years ago when I had my mysterious illness, he helped calm my Mom down (trust me that is no easy task!), and he was in constant communication with her. Mom, Dad, Dakota and I would be lost without him!

Mom, Dad, Dakota  and I consider our Vet to be an important member of our family! Dr.Lewis used to care for Grandpa Bobo and he helped him cross the bridge. He helped Mom know when it was "time" to help Grandpa Bobo on his journey. When Mom felt guilty adopting me a mere two weeks after Bobo left her, Dr. Lewis said, "You aren't REPLACING Bobo, no cat could ever do that. You are making NEW memories with a NEW cat. Bobo would want you to give the same love to another cat that you gave to him." Those words helped my Mom more than he probably even knows!

We are truly blessed to have such a professional, caring, and knowledgeable Veterinarian and the other Vets, Technicians, Receptionists, etc. at DePorre Veterinary Hospital , are pretty darned good too!

Today we salute our Veterinarian (who deserves a medal just for putting up with our babbling, hyper and over concerned Mom!) and the staff at DePorre Veterinary Hospital, as well as Veterinarians all over the world!!! Thank you for all that you do!

Love from,

Friday, April 28, 2017

Winner!! Animal Hearted: "Apparel and Gifts for Animal Lovers"

Thanks to all who entered our Animal Hearted Give-Away!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This makes us super happy because this was a world-wide give-away and Rose is located in the United Kingdom! Huge Congrats!!!

Didn't win? Dakota is having the same give-away and he has two days left on his! Go on over to his blog and enter there too! Hurry before it is over!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Picture Me This Photohunt Week 17: "Expectant"

We haven't participated in a few weeks, but today we are happy to be a part of  a fun blogging event that was created by our friends over at A Tonk's Tail. It is a weekly photohunt. There is no pressure to participate, just jump in whenever you are able as we are doing this week! You can post on any social media channel that you wish, there is ZERO pressure (which is something WE LOVE!!)

This week the theme is:

The photo below is an old one, it was taken a few years ago before a holiday dinner we were having at our home. While I was getting things ready, I turned, and this is what I saw:
Cody sitting "expectantly" at the dining room table, sitting ever-so-politely, like the purrfect dinner guest. I am wondering though, his eyes seem to be on the ice bucket. Do you think he wanted food or a "Niptini?"

If you participate in this photohunt be sure to tag #PMTphotohunt and @tonkstail

Monday, April 24, 2017

Pig In A Blanket Day

Ok, so that was kind of mean of me to use Cody in photos for today, which is "Pig In A Blanket Day."

FROM DAYS OF THE YEAR: Pigs In A Blanket are a simple concept and have been found throughout the world in many variations since time out of mind. You simply take a sausage and wrap it! Usually, you’ll find them wrapped in some form of pastry, with puff pastry being one of the most universally popular. Learn more about "Pig In A Blanket Day" here!

Relax Cody! You know I REALLY featured you on this day, not because of your ample "belleh", but because of your complete DELICIOUSNESS!
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