Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A Birthday Wish for my Sheltie Brother

Dear Dakota,

I normally don't get all mushy and gushy when it comes to talking about you. Well, I don't get all mushy and gushy when talking about much of anything, but today, and ONLY today I am going to make an exception.

Today is your TENTH BIRTHDAY, you old woofie you!!!!! You beat me!! I won't be ten for a little over a month so you beat me! You are OLDER!! No one would ever know that since I rule around here...but I digress. I said I will be nice today, and I am going to honor my promise because I am a cat of my word!

I remember the day that Mom and Dad first brought you home. They were all nervous that we wouldn't get along, but I circled your crate, hissed at you once to let you know just WHO is the boss around here and from that day on we have been the BEST of friends!!

Since today is your 10th birthday I am going to list a few  things that I like ok LOVE, about you, (I originally tried to come up with TEN but I couldn't!! I have "9 ish" MOL!!)

You always make me feel better when I have to go to the Vet and I am lucky enough that you came along with me. (Wish isn't always the case!)

When I am at the Vet and you aren't, you miss me and wait for me to come home.

Every time that YOU get a treat, I get one too!

You are fun to play with

You are the BEST "food tag team member" for Mom and Dad EVER!

You are great company when Mom and Dad aren't home

You are great company when Mom and Dad ARE home! (They are boring!)

You are one sensitive Sheltie

You get in more trouble than I do...oh wait, that isn't true. I get in WAY more trouble than YOU do!

You may be a woofie, but you are the BEST woofie brother that I could ever hope for!!!

Wishing you the BEST 10th birthday ever my dear brother!!! Enjoy this mush and gush today cause tomorrow it all goes back to normal!!!

Love, Cody

Monday, February 27, 2017

Picture Me This Photohunt Week 9 "Gesture"

Once again we are happy to be participating in a fun blogging event that was created by our friends over at A Tonk's Tail. It is a weekly photohunt. There is no pressure to participate, just jump in whenever you are able as we are doing this week! You can post on any social media channel that you wish, there is ZERO pressure (which is something WE LOVE!!)

This week the theme is:

 Mom chose this photo of one of my classic moments!!! We feel that this photo purrfectly displays how I feel about Monday!!!

I conveyed my feelings pretty darned well, don't you think so?

If you participate in this photohunt be sure to tag #PMTphotohunt and @tonkstail

Love, Cody

Friday, February 24, 2017

Fun Friday Give-Away! FroliCat® FOX DEN

Hi and happy Friday all!!!

As many of you know if you have followed our blog for a while, I am a pretty big fan of the FroliCat line of cat toys. So much so, that two years ago for Cody's birthday I had a colossal give-away.

Cody's favorites in the FroliCat line are the FroliCat™ BOLT™, the FroliCat™ FLIK™ and the FroliCat™ POUNCE™ by PetSafe® .

When presented with the opportunity to test/review a new toy in the FroliCat line-up, the  FroliCat® FOX DEN, I was looking forward to Cody giving it a "go." 


The FroliCat® Fox Den is an automated, motion-activated cat toy that will encourage your cat to play. Simply insert 3 AA batteries, (not included). Choose which mode to use (you can vary the speed), and place Fox Den on the floor (or if you are daring and want to break your own "house" rules, on a table like we did!!),where the surface is flat. 


There is a Fox Tail inside that "hides" and then pops out at random times to entice cats. You can choose from One Time Play mode where the toy will play for 10 minutes then turn off.
Or select Play All Day mode where the toy will play every two hours, three times, for 10 minutes each. (I have never tried this mode, if any of you have, please feel free to leave your thoughts!). In between automatic play sessions, when the toy is idle, the motion sensor on the front of the toy will detect nearby motion (up to within several feet!) and will turn on automatically. If no motion is detected, the toy will rest until the next automatic play session or motion is detected again.


  • Set up is super easy.
  • Clear instructions are provided.
  • Many cats WILL like this toy.



I think that is partly why Cody didn't quite know what to make of it. As you can see in the video below, he was intrigued, but somewhat hesitant, I think it is due to the sound.

My suggestion would be that if there is sound involved. Maybe make it a sound that would ATTRACT a cat. Like a chattering type of a sound. If that isn't possible then a button where you could control the volume would be great. The sound irritated me, so I am wondering if Cody found it to be equally irritating.


I know dogs are. But cats? What are your thoughts? When I watched Cody with this toy I was thinking that a fox tail isn't something that I think that cats are inherently attracted to. Yes, they like the swishing movement, etc........but the tail is THICK. Cats tend to like things that are jerky, thinner and are something they feel they could "hunt" and carry away.

Now, don't get me wrong, I think the toy is cute, but Cody was far more attracted to the other FroliCat toys that had a mouse tail and one that had a tiny mouse. That being said, eventually, Cody did begin to warm up to it.

Then, just for fun, I decided to bring it into the living room and see what Dakota's reaction would be. My hope was that he would be attracted to it and that Cody would like it better if Dakota was trying to "catch" it. But...I forgot, he is a DOG, what does he know? Another thought, look at Dakota's tail as he walks away, I think his tail resembles that Fox tail! Maybe that is why Cody wasn't that enthused?

The FroliCat® FOX DEN IS a cute toy. I just think that compared to others in the line it isn't quite as good. Also, my opinion is just that, MY OPINION. All cats are different. Some are attracted to things that others are not. Just because Cody wasn't as enthused as I thought he would be does not mean that your cat(s) will react the same. I am also thinking that a multiple cat household would have a blast with it because they could all hover around it at once.

The concept is super cute but I think the execution could have been improved. The FroliCat® FOX DEN retails for $19.95.


If you would like the chance to win a FroliCat® FOX DEN of your own, enter on the rafflecopter below. The give-away is open to those 18 and over who reside in either the U.S. or Canada. Good luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

In full disclosure: All opinions are mine. I was sent a FroliCat® FOX DEN in exchange for my always honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Picture Me This Photohunt Week 8 "Silky"

FINALLY! We are finally participating in a fun, new blogging event that was created by our friends over at A Tonk's Tail. It is a weekly photohunt. There is no pressure to participate, just jump in whenever you are able as we are doing this week! You can post on any social media channel that you wish, there is ZERO pressure (which is something WE LOVE!!)

This week the theme is:

 Mom chose this photo of one of my paws because she says my paw pads are "silky soft" and the fur around them is as soft as pussy willows!!!! (My Mom is kinda partial to my paws in case you couldn't figure that out.)

Feel free to reach out and kiss it or pet it, I am sure I can feel your energy from anywhere in the world!!!

If you participate in this photohunt be sure to tag #PMTphotohunt and @tonkstail

Love, Cody

Monday, February 20, 2017

Winner! "Stop Meowing and Go the F*ck to Sleep" By Rosa Silva

Thanks to all who entered our give-away for:

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