Friday, April 27, 2012

National Hairball Awareness Day! I Love My FURminator!!

Hi everyone! It's Cody and I am honored to be one of the lucky cats who were chosen to help FURminator and Romeo The Cat celebrate National Hairball Awareness Day!

Cat hairball problems are common and up to 2/3 of a cat's hair can be ingested as we self-groom. YUCK! These hairs can pack together forming a hairball that can also contain food and mucus! NOT a pleasant thought!

FURminator, Inc. is the #1 premium brand in complete skin and coat care in the pet specialty category and they offer a series of innovative products for our at-home grooming, bathing and deShedding needs.

Now mind you, normally I am a no-nonsense kinda guy. If I have a fur out of place I give a little lick here, a little pat there. I don't stand in front of the mirror admiring myself for hours on end like a certain Sheltie that I know who just happens to be my brother, but I digress. I am  a spit and polish kinda guy. That is, until I received a FURminator deShedding edge for large cats (over 10 lbs). This deShedding edge is designed for cats with hair shorter than 2 inches. That would be ME!

I was skeptical at first. Mom and I had tested a deshedding product from another company that she and I didn't care for AT ALL.  I even turned my whiskers up at my comb. No brushing or combing for me thank-you-very-much! Enter FURminator and all of that changed! See for yourself!

Why do I LOVE my FURminator ? Well, I am glad that you asked because I am happy to tell ya!

Using a FURminator just 10 minutes twice per week gently removes 90% of the loose hair and undercoat without damaging or cutting the topcoat. This is a safe, effective and non-invasive way to prevent hairballs from forming before they cause serious problems!

By reducing hairballs it keeps me healthy and happier and after all it IS ALL ABOUT ME don't cha know?

The deShedding edge was designed by a  groomer for professional results! There is even a FURejector button that makes it super easy for Mom to clean my fur from the tool!

By the way, with all of that fur you can make an awful good celebrity furball creature should you choose to! Check out the one Mom made! It's Albert Einstein! Or not

Pretty bad eh?
Lazy Mom could have
at least dyed my fur white!
Looks like Jim Croce to me! MOL! 

Mom's creation was so lame that she didn't even make it into the finals for the contest sponsored by FURminator and You can check out the SUPER CATABULOUS entries right here, and the People gallery here trust me, the rest were ears and tails above Mom's let me tell ya!

Well my friends I have now entered the ranks of the kitties who LIKE to be groomed! Thank you FURminator and Romeo The Cat for the opportunity to pawticipate! It was a kibble-pile of FUN!

Kitty friends you may purchase authentic FURminator deShedding tools and products from authorized retailers including pet specialty stores everywhere, veterinarian clinics, groomers, PetSmart, Petco or from the online store at

I was not compensated for this post. Mom was only sent a FURminator deShedding tool for me to test and review. Not one morsel of kibble was given to me. I'm so upset I could cough up a hairball. Wait! I use the FURminator deShedding tool so I guess I won't be doing any hairball coughing up anytime soon!


  1. I'm like you were, Cody...spit and shine. Ok, maybe I admire myself in the many reflective surfaces of the townhouse. ...but I've been hearing my girl talk of this FURminator thing. I'm very relieved to hear that you approve. Now I only have to pretend to be skeptical.
    ; ) Katie

  2. I LOVE being FURminated! In fact, I love any sort of brushing at all! I'm glad you are enjoying yours, Cody.

  3. Well, I don't have a cat with furballs (I don't know what it is but that word makes me giggle)but Cody, you've got me sold! I need to get one for the hounds for sure! You definitely look like your enjoying yourself in those videos. Love your little tongue at the end of that second video!

  4. Authentic FURminators are hard to find here but Mommy finally found one. There's just no looking back since then. The one we got is the old model without the fur ejector but it works well enough (she uses it on all the cats and rabbit).

  5. Allegra and Ruby have never had a hairball, but I used the Furminator on the cats that came before, and it's a great tool. The first time I used it on Amber, I was actually worried she'd wind up bald, I got so much hair out of her!

  6. national hairball awareness day? Wow... Didn't know about that day. But, then again, everyday over here is hairball day (guess that is what happens when you are over 17) Alex LOVES his furminator. I always say we can grow another cat from all the hair...

  7. Our cats love the "furminator" as well, and what a cool name huh?

  8. Awesome post, Caren and Cody! And we think your Einstein is wonderful-it certainly should have made the top five, at least!

  9. Your mom is so creative and artistic! Love your Albert Einstein, Cody!

  10. @Priscilla now come on, you don't have to lie!!! lol

    @Bocci awwww thanks so much! Do you have your glasses on? lol

    @Diane never thought about that, it IS a cool name!

    @Hilary I am amazed at how much hair came out of a short haired cat!

    @Ingrid lol!! I thought the same! When you have a short haired cat you get a little nervous lol

    @The Furries a rabbit will allow itself to be furminated??? I never knew!

    @Bassetmomma lol thank you!! It was hard, I have no one to shoot a video for me while I groom Cody so it was rather difficult to shoot the videos! lol

    @Sparkle I'm not a brushing kind of guy so Mom was amazed that i LOVE THIS! Glad you like yours too!

    @Katie I know you don't need my approval lol......

  11. Wow, Cody! You look like you're just LOVIN' that grooming now. Way to go! purrs

  12. It sure did look like Cody was really enjoying the FURminator!! I know our kitties loved it too and we were so honored to be part of the FURminator/National Hairball Awareness Day contest!

    Our furball celebrity was totally lame too... We did it of Ellen DeGeneres, who walks on water in our house, and we didn't even make the finals... oh well! At least we got a great deShedding tool and the cats are happy for that!!

  13. @Deb yes I saw yours and left a comment...she "walks on water at our house" too for the same reason, since I lost my job at the same time that you did and also was faced with depression and reinvention. Well...we didn't make the finals either but it was fun regardless!

    @Nerissa i SURE DO LOVE IT!

  14. Happy National Hairball Awareness Day! Romeo and Pugsley purr and purr when they get FURminated! Great post! xo

  15. We usually use regular brushes but FURminator sounds very effective...maybe it's time to get one!
    The fur creation contest is so much fun. I love your mom's Albert Einstein! It is very unique!

  16. Our boys don't shed much but we recommend to Furminator to clients.

  17. Yup, one of these days we are going to get one of those furminators. It sure looks like they help a lot. And we do have a couple of long hair kitties. Thanks a bunch for all this info. Take care.

  18. I loved, loved, loved your fur art!

  19. Your fur art is cute. Einstein as a young man. It was fun, wasn't it!

  20. What a great post! Happy Hairball Day!!

  21. We like your furball hair Einstein and looks like you love that Furminator!

  22. Oh Cody,
    Me is breathing a little heavy at the moment after watching yous so sensuously enjoy your Furminator! Me has to get me one of those!
    Me did not know that yous is 2 times bigger than mes! Me has to take the tunnel soon.

  23. @Nellie I am TWO times bigger than you? Don't you know that the camera ADDS 10 lbs!!?? MOL!!! Have fun this weekend my sweet! Love, Cody

    @Eric and Flynn me too!

    @Team Tabby awww thank you! I love my Furminator!

    @The Island Cats THANK YOU!! yours was great too!

    @Jan "Einstein as a young man" PURRFECT! Yes it WAS fun! :)

    @Brian awwwww you are ALWAYS so sweet! THANK YOU!

    @Marg we were pleasantly surprised! Mom had her doubts cause normally I hate being combed or brushed but I love my furminator!

    @Layla I don't shed much either but a guy needs a "shave" every now and again MOL

    @Tamago you are FAR TOO KIND!! Thank you! Guess Einstein just doesn't have "it" nowadays! MOL!

    @Caroline thank you for stopping by and thank you for your complement! I purr and purr too when I get furminated! thank you for being a host of this fun day! Love, Cody

  24. I tried everything. My Main Coon has been getting shaved to try and saved the last two years. I let the vets girls do what they want. This year she has her regular bushy tail and a lion main and the hair on her legs and it looks cute. I was worried with the way the weather is cold and hot that she might get sick but she is an indoor cat.

  25. Hee, that does look a little like Jim Croce. Also, FURminators are pretty great, aren't they? Scarlett and Melly aren't huge fans of being brushed, but they'll tolerate a little bit. I think it makes a difference with the (unbelievably copious) shedding.

  26. Yep, I'd go with Jim Croce, too.

    My cats love getting combed. I like the idea of the FURminator, though. May have to see if I can find one around. And I can see how easy it works, with the appropriate music, of course! MOL

  27. Sammy likes being furminated, too! Moosey ... not so much, but then again, Moosey hates being brushed in any way, shape or form. MOL!

  28. @meowmeowmans Cody used to be the same way til Furminator!

    @Linda lol!

    @Natalie...darn! Should have passed it off as Jim Croce but then again a lot of the young'ns might not have heard of him lol. It does help with the shedding big time!!

    @Marisa how do you like the shaving? I would have a hard time doing that.

  29. Mommy said her hero was going to send her one she doesn't use so mom can try one out on me. Maybe it will help and I know mom sure hopes so. I keep her busy with the carpet cleaner. Xxooxxoo

  30. I think we need one of those things here. My human Tommy is allergic to the vacuum cleaner--so...


  31. The mom loves our Furminator. WE do not! At least those of us who need it most.