Would you like Cody and I to review your cat related product or read/ review your cat related book?

Would you like to hire me as a Brand Ambassador?


****This blog is our sole source of income. Product reviews and book reviews often take HOURS (and in some cases DAYS) to complete. Unless previously agreed upon, compensation is required for all book reviews and product reviews.

I currently work with  Purina and Rachael Ray Nutrish (and have been since 2012). I have also worked with  World's Best Cat Litter and many others. I am available for cat treat reviews and reviews of misc. cat items/accessories, furnishings, fountains, etc., etc.

 tweets to my 7000+ fan base on Twitter (@catchatcaren) and 2000+ on Facebook (Cat Chat With Caren and Cody and my personal page: Caren Osrin Gittleman). 

I share my posts with my 1000+ Google+ Followers

As well as 6.3k + followers on Pinterest....AND MORE

Want to hire me to  manage your social media accounts? Act as a consultant for your pet-related business? Need a copywriter? Need someone to sell your product wholesale?
Email me at  to discuss how I may benefit you and your business/brand!

Do you have a cat related product or service you would like to promote via purchasing an advertising block on Cat Chat With Caren and Cody? Contact me for rates!

Do you have private comments, suggestions, thoughts or just want to say "HI!!" (or "MEOW!") 

****CONTACT CODY AND I at  for our rate information and read important notes below.

Our rates are reasonable and you will NOT be disappointed.  You wouldn't hire a plumber to work for free, Cody has to eat too! Thanking you in advance and we look forward to working with you!

**For those wishing to send a product or book for review, it is  COMPLETELY our decision as to whether or not we will review the product or book.

 When we choose to review/feature the product/book will be up to us as well. We do our best to review all products/books in a timely manner.

All product/book reviews are done on a "first come, first serve" basis.

 We will also ALWAYS give our honest opinion of the product or book we are reviewing, whether it be positive or negative.

******ATTENTION BRANDS! A note about Rafflecopter: when you see "total entries" on a Rafflecopter widget, the number you are seeing is often NOT the actual number of entries. Each rafflecopter "task" is assigned a number of points....entrants earn "points" by performing each "task" which increases THEIR odds of winning.  (see "entries earned" on the top right of the widget). If you ever want to know the "REAL" number of entries on any give-away I conduct for you, just let me know!

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