Monday, November 7, 2011

Being Thankful for Cats: A Guest Blog By Heather Kalinowski Of Trupanion Pet Insurance

Heather Kalinowski is a pet lover who spends her days writing about pets for Trupanion pet insurance. Trupanion offers 90% coverage for diagnostic tests, surgeries, and medications if a pet becomes sick or injured.

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, it’s a good time to sit back and be thankful for all the wonderful things in our lives. And our beloved pets are definitely on top of the list. Cats are marvelous creatures and give us so much love and companionship, so today I thought I would list all the things I’m thankful for about our feline friends.

1.       Warmth during cold nights. I feel like every night it gets colder here in Seattle and I find myself wanting to turn the heat up little by little every night. But cats are little heaters themselves and having them snuggled right up to you at night is comforting.

2.       A TV-watching companion. I never have to justify watching episode after episode of The Bachelorette to a cat like I do my husband. A cat is perfectly content watching anything with me. I can even eat junk food while I sit in front of the TV and he doesn’t mind.

3.       A listener who never gives bad advice. Ever since I was a little girl I have confided in my pets and that hasn’t stopped since entering adulthood. Cats are the best listeners because they give you sweet purrs to reassure you that everything is okay.

4.       Feeling needed. Sometimes it’s a nice feeling to know that something depends on you for survival. While cats are famous for being independent and don’t want to admit they need you, the truth is they are reliant on you for nourishment, shelter, and love.

5.       Never judgmental. I admit, there are times when I don’t feel great about myself. I can get down about the way I look or how much money I have or my social life. In those times I try to view myself through the eyes of my pet – even on my worst day I never look bad to them and that is a nice feeling.

Whether it’s something trivial or something important, each of the roles our cats play in our lives is incredibly meaningful. And what better time to give thanks than during the holiday of the same name? What is the thing you are most thankful to your cats for?


  1. Definitelt thankful for their unconditional love and being non judgemental :)

  2. Now there is a lady with some very strong points! - all SO true. I could go on and on about what I am thankful for to my cats, but most of all they just make me feel so good about myself and they for sure make me feel very wanted :) Each morning I step outside the door I'm met by at least 10 VERY HAPPY tails and how can your day not have a great start like that!!?? And then as I approach my little kitten sanctuary it happens all over again - they are as thrilled to see me as I am them. Well it's many things but also the fact that cats are so soulful - I just love it. Yes... God had a fine day the day he created the cat!
    And Caren, my sweet friend.... thank you just SO much for all your loving words. The moment I read your New Years story of Bobo I knew we were kindred spirits. I'm tempted to send you a flight ticket :) I would just love to see a big sancuary for the cats on a safe hillside here and the need is monumnental! We're just heading into the 2nd cat neutering week here and that hopefully will add something positive to the huge cat population.
    BIG HUG to you my dear friend,

  3. Mummy says you have just about said it all about our kitties in our life. Someone said to mummy that it wasn't healthy to have us in their bedrooms at night! Humph, mummy soon put them right on that one. Us kitties are so pleased to have such an important role :)xx

  4. Hehe, this post makes me SOOO glad we live in the tropics! But we are having monsoon so we're not totally smug. Honest!

  5. Awwww these are so lovely reasons to be thankful for our furry furriends! So sweet, thank you Heather, Caren and Cody! I am thankful to Charlie for keeping me sane and for showing me how to love without expectations (apart from food and treats! LOL!)

    Take care

  6. Wonderful post! I'm grateful to my cats for all the life lessons they have taught me, and are teaching me every day.

  7. Great post, and we agree, we are terrific!

  8. M says she agrees with every one of those points. We kitties make great pets and are never judgemental. We take our oomans as they are and love them for all their flaws.

  9. So true!

    Today I am most grateful that Austin returned after 13 hours missing having been terrified by fireworks!

  10. I love my Cats for all these things, and one more: they are funny! Their sense of humor and silliness never fails to get me laughing.

  11. teaching me that cats are cool... if it wasn't for Marc having a cat, I would have lived my whole life never knowing what a great pet a cat was..Now, I can't believe how wrong I was, letting some childhood experiences cloud my judgement...

  12. @Lisa I second that!

    @Hilary I am sure that you aren't the only one who let childhood experiences taint your view of cats or for that matter, anything! I am sure we are all guilty of that to some extent. Things worked out the way they were supposed to. You met Marc, he had Alex, you now have a "kitty son" it should be! :)

    @Katnip Lounge, YES the "funny" part! That is what I love about you, you see the zaniness in EVERYTHING! I love that you don't take things too seriously, I need to be more like that. I am quite a bit silly but I could stand to get rid of some of my seriousness.

    @caro THANK GOD that Austin is HOME!! The is the BEST NEWS! know what? Earlier when I was agreeing with the non-judgmental, I had a "moment" I actually think that to an extent Cody IS judgmental! lol

    @Brian yep you all are! And so is Heather!

    @Amin, thank you! I am sure Heather will be happy to hear that!

    @Ingrid King, yes I am as well. They never stop teaching us, do they?

    @Old Kitty yes all they expect in return is food and treats! Sounds like a plan to me! ((((hugs))))) to you and Charlie!

    @Princess Jasmine I am so glad your Mommy set those people straight! How dare they!?

    @Joan you never know, one day it WILL happen! We are kindred spirits for sure but I must say that I desperately could use some of the gentle kindness that I can feel that you have. I am kind and loving but ohhhh soooooooooo far from gentle! Do you know that EVERY TIME I visit your blog the writing, photographs, colors, envelope me in warmth and relaxation? You can feel YOU through your writing and that is a beautiful quality to have. You never know, I just may turn up on your hillside one day! xoxoxoxo
    Thank you for your beautiful and kind words!

  13. Wonderful post! We love our cats for all of these reasons and more.

  14. Wow! Heather had some wonderful thing to say about cats! Me thinks me should print this and post it on the fridge so MY Mommy and Daddy reads it and remembers!

  15. I love my cats thru the years deeply and I'm glad Heather wrote this.

  16. What a lovely guest post-thoroughly enjoyed it!

    P.S. Parental Unit can hardly wait to vote NO on Issue 2!

  17. Yep, Heather has awesome points about cats! We agree with all of them and feel the same way. Great post.

  18. Loved this post. Heather put in words how I feel!

  19. What a wonderful guest post!
    You have certainly touched on all the pluses for having cats in our lives. I am thankful that my little group of feral kittens from last year are still here and are healthy and happy. They are now living on my patio and staying close. They aren't quite ready to be house cats but all are loving.

    As we prepare for this month's spay/neuter event I just wish all the kitties could have safe homes.

  20. All of the above, and so much more...what a heart warming write-up. Thank you. purrs, Rio from Barcelona

  21. No doubt that critters make our lives complete. It's hard to imagine life without them!

    Critter Alley

  22. Purrs for this thoughtful guest post. We are thankful for simple every day joys that happen by living in the now, like cats do.

  23. That is such a great post and all the points are so darn true.I am thankful every day for my cats and my dogs.They are the best and I talk to mine all the time. I just asked Tabatha who is sitting her like she needs something if she would like a little wine. LOL. They are fantastic companions.

  24. Lovely post and so many things to be thankful for. This is the month that we reflect on these things even though all year round we should count our blessing and be thankful for the good things life gives us.

  25. Dearest Caren,

    What a lovely post; SO True!
    You wrote a comment about our living room being wonderful, cozy as well as stylish. Do you realize that two humans live there all the time (and guests often) with SEVEN felines... No Persian rugs for us but an olefin rug from Costco in matching colors. That works fine for us. LIVING in a home is more important than copying everything that others want you to buy on and on (never ending!). This way you have money left from your budget for making some pets happy, for taking care of them with all their medical needs and for preventing nasty things. Using Revolution on seven of them is costly but through I do save lots of money. The local Vet is a dear friend who writes us the prescription needed and that saves us big.
    You might want to check it out as well.
    Love to you and Cody and thanks for your visits and comments!

    Feline lovers do kind of gel...


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