Monday, April 25, 2011

Movie Monday! Our Office!

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Mom and I have a new office! It isn't complete, (we have to put lots and lots of kitty pictures on the wall) but we wanted to give you an idea of where Mom and I do our blog.

Also...the litter box in the video is gone! We have a new, white litter CABINET that is in the bathroom that Mom and I share!

We will take another video when the pictures are on the wall if you want us to!

Have a wonderful day!!

Love, Cody


  1. We could see you hard at work Cody thinking up new ideas for your mom. The best ideas come when your eyes are closed.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. @Hannah and Lucy, maybe we should do the blog with our eyes closed too? MOL!!

  3. Cody,
    Me thinks there's more of your stuff in that office than your mom's. Now, where does Dakota fit in? purrr....meow!

  4. Beautiful... Thanks for the tour. Cody has made his mark on that room... Love it. More cat stuff than people stuff, as it should be... HEE HEE>

    have a great day.

    pawhugs, Max

  5. WOW - your new office is great. M wants to know how come yours is so very neat and her's is a mess! he he I'd be embarrassed to show you ours. Love the color of the paint.

  6. Cody seems ecstatic at the new office, with the emphasis on static!! Very nice :>)

  7. Hi Cody! What a great office! But it does definitely need a lot of kitty pictures on the wall - those are very important!!

  8. Looking good! Thanks for the peek into where all the creativity starts!

  9. @Pup Fan thanks! It is!

    @Hilary lol!! thank you!! It is like a hovel compared to where you live! :) Actually 99.9% of the blog had been done at the kitchen table. My husband couldn't stand it any longer. Papers, books, calendars were strewn EVERYWHERE! He said to clean up the back room, we had it painted and he told me to use it as my "office". Believe it or not I didn't want an "office" at first. Now...I LOVE IT! I shut the door when I don't want anyone bothering me!

    @Amy ohhhh trust me! My Mom took artwork in that she had either won or purchased and is having it framed. They will be here by May 4th...then we will post an update! She also has sports photos she wants on the wall. Yes the kitty photos are very important! Wait til you see!! Glad you liked it and thanks!

    @Carolyn, yes he is "static" lmao! Thank you!

    @Mario...mine is "neat" cause Mom is a neat freak about where she works. probably have waaaay more to do than she does! Mom is lazy! We love the color too! Thanks! The dark color is "raisin" by Glidden, the light is "tea and honey" that is what we used in the dining room when Mom had painting done a couple of months ago. We used the left over of the tea & honey. Thank you!

    @Max thank you!!! Yep waaay more kitty stuff!! More coming! xoxo

    @Sammy, Andy & Shelly thank you!

    @Cat-from-Sydney yep there is waaaay more of my stuff! (as it should be)...there are a couple of photos of Dakota in there too...we will show you next time! There are very few though...BAD MAMA!!!!

  10. Great new office! I love the paint! And Cody looks very comfortable there. :)

  11. Ah it looks lovely and kitty pictures will just put the finishing touches. Of course we want to see them lol. Hugs GJ x

  12. Oh wow!!!!! What a brilliant office area!! The wall colour is just excellent! And I love your desk area by the window and all your kitty knick knacks!! Awwwww but best is gorgoeus Cody all asleep on his special chair!! Yay!! What a cutie, completely asleep! LOL!!! It's a lovely, comfy, gorgeous office space!!! Yay!! Thanks for showing me and Charlie around! Take care

  13. The office looks great! Thanks for the tour, that was fun to watch. :)

  14. I agree with SAS....Sammy, Andy and Shelly said...
    Good job!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I did the last photo of the blackcurrant tree in the my uncle garden...

  16. Aww, we just get an error message when we try to watch the video, bummer.

    It sounds great.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  17. What a lovely new office, Caren & Cody! You two are sure to get LOTS of work done in such feline-friendly surroundings... erm, as Cody's demonstrating right there, LOL!
    Looking forward to seeing it again once the rest of the decorations are installed! :)

  18. Nice new office! I'm always more motivated to work when I have fresh new surroundings :)

  19. Hi Cody! I can't wait to chat with your mom next week on BlogTalkRadio!

    I bet you would like my new kitty "Kittums." When she's not trying to type on my laptop, she sleeps. She's probably sleeping right now, actually.

  20. Congratulations on your new office - it looks terrific. Cody is already at home there!

  21. Wow, that is quite an office! Does Dakota have one too?? You should see Marmie and I's office. It's in the middle of her living room.

  22. That looks like a cozy and happy place to hang out and work!

  23. Hi, Cody! You got a great office!! Thank you for the tour. Littler cabinet sounds so cool. Put kitty pictures and it will be perfect!!

  24. Cody! Yous gots a whole bunch of Cat stuff in the office too! Cool! What a nice office. Maybe now that Mommy has seen it, it will give her some incentive to clean hers!
    PS, Me thinks the Vacuum cleaner should go. Me hates them

  25. Ha..Ha..Ha.. Cody, Look like you have your stuffs more than your mom in her office : )

    I think I like the wall's color ( Dark Red One ) I think when all photos are up , must look so beautiful ! Mom said to get more light into the room. Some Beautiful Mirror on the wall will help and also can make the room look bigger. And me and my mom can't wait to see the next video !!!

    And one thing I see in this tour..Your mom love you so much ! Thank you to take us for a tour.
    Love you Buddy, Have a great nap

  26. @Trupanion, THANK YOU! Happy to have you on the blog tomorrow!! :)

    @The Cat From Hell, ohhhh yesss Nellie I do!! Thank you! Wait til you see the kitty pics when they come! ROFLMAO about the vacuum HAS left (this was taken before it left) MOL! I hate it too!

    @Tamago thank you! You are welcome! I will show you the new litter cabinet one day soon. I haven't used it yet. My Mom moved the old litter to the bathroom to get me used to going there first. Will show you the kitty pictures when they are up! :)

    @Daisy, yep, thank you! My mom and I were trying for "cozy" and I think we did it! xoxo

    @Link, nope. Dakota doesn't have his own office. We have a few pictures of him in here lol. Dakota is lazy and hasn't done as much work on his blog as he should lol. Ohhhh I know how you feel! Mommy and I were working in the kitchen for nearly 2 years!! Our stuff was EVERYWHERE and Daddy couldn't take it anymore. MOL!

    @Fisher and staff. That is so true! Right now Cody is sleeping in his little "house" which is in the corner behind me. Soooo cute!

    @Tia, HI!! Now I am getting sooooooo nervous!! lol (this is Cody's Mom here)...OMG I love the name of your kitty!! "Kittums!" thank you for having me on "Blog Talk Radio" next week! I am excited and I am sooo nervous!! Hope I don't goof up!

    @Stacy and Ellie, my Mom needs to get more motivated!!! MOL! I am the brains here, NOT Mom!

    @GlamKitty, yes isn't Cody getting a TON of work done????!!! lol!!! I am happy you enjoyed the video and we will have the pictures soon!

  27. @Oskar, hmmm...maybe it is your computer or someone tried to watch at the same time? It seems to be ok! Thanks for trying though!

    @Amin thank you! Thank you also for telling me about the black currant tree! I bet that would make some great jam! :)

    @Ellie thank you!!

    @julie thanks so much!

    @Old Kitty, awww thank you! I love the color too. It is "raisin" by Glidden and the lighter color is Tea & Honey. I moved the desk by the window because I am I often daydream. It used to face the wall and I hated it. OMG I have soooooooo many more kitty knick-knacks that I don't have room for everything.Wish I did! Will stop by and see you and Charlie later! xoxo Thanks soooo much!

  28. @Ginger Jasper thank you sooooo much!! We will show you soon! xoxoxo

  29. Thanks for the tour. We enjoyed seeing your new office, complete with napping Cody. :)

  30. MOL, Cody, I see you weren't waking up for anything. I don't blame you. Why let your nap be disturbed for some silly video?

    It would be nice if MY human fixed up her office so it was presentable!

  31. @Mr.Puddy thank you and your Mom for your suggestions!! I like the mirror idea but Mom doesn't lol. She said she doesn't want to have to look at herself. MOL (don't blame her!). Since this video was taken Mom got another small light (a piano light) for on top of the bookshelves. When she turns on all 3 lights at night there is plenty of light! Mom likes it darker when she works on the computer. She also likes the room is cozier! :) The color is actually more like burgundy rather than is called "Raisin"...oh and during the day Mom has the blinds open and this room gets a TON of daylight...too much! It gets so much that Mom has to close the blinds cause of glare. Ohhhhh yessss Mom loves me! She doesn't play with me as much as she should cause she doesn't get off of her lazy butt....but she DOES love me!! xoxoxo

  32. @Sparkle...well if there had been FOOD I for sure would have woken up!! I know when to "hold 'em and when to fold 'em!!" MOL!! xoxo

    @Jan thank you!! Napping is what I do BEST! xoxo

  33. Great new office. Enjoyed the video and love the wall color.

    Thoughts in Progress

  34. @Mason thank you so much!! I am glad you liked my lame video! I love the wall color too! thank you!! :)

  35. That sure is a comfy looking place!!!

  36. Great office and Cody is hard at work napping in his chair I see:D!!! Love the wall color

  37. I ADORE your new office. The COLOR of the wall especially and the cutie sleeping blobby Cody..heehee. I am like you and have all sorts of kitty paraphernalia all over the house. ;)

    I checked out Mr. Puddy and you are so right...he does look like my little Tuna...except Tuna is more feminine of course..hee.

    Thanks always for your wonderful comments on my blog and I except to be online more in the coming days, which means more visits to YOUR awesome blog.

    Have a Great Week!!

  38. That's quite an office you have there, Cody. It kind of reminds me of the Greyhound room that Mom and Dad have downstairs!


  39. nice office, need any help in the office?
    Benny & Lily

  40. Pawsome office! Mol at Cody - we thought he was a stuffy at first :) Way to snub the movie box, Cody! hee hee! we like the cat stuff on the shelves - cat-tastic :D

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  41. Congrats on your chic new office Caren, and on your new litter cabinet, Cody! Movin' on up :D

    I love the wall pretty! I can't wait to see it with the pictures on the wall!

  42. Cody,

    Now that is an office. I see you've got a really neat window to look out. And all your scratching tools are there, as well. By all means, post when all the pictures are on the wall.

  43. Such a wonderful space to work in. I love the color...I love all saturated colors! I have the exact same box with tabby kittens on it. It reminds me of John as a kitten and I plan to keep his ashes in there when he passes. Morbid, maybe, but I love that box and I love Johhny.

  44. @Brian thanks so much! That was my goal to make it as comfy as possible!

    @Katnip Lounge thank you! I am flattered because I LOVE the colors you have at YOUR place! Everyone doubted my choice of the "raisin" color before it was on the walls...I knew instantly that I would love it! With it being mine and Cody's room I figured I could play with color in it. Isn't that box just the best?? It was the box that a cat mug had come in that a dear friend of mine had bought me years and years ago. She bought it because the kitty on the box looks exactly like my Bobo looked (he was alive when she had bought it). It is so special to me. I completely understand where you are coming from. I don't think it is morbid at is beautiful because you love Johhny so much and you love that box. I totally "get it!" xoxo

    @The Boys and Karen. Thank you!Yep Cody will often sit in the window while I am here, or on the chair as you saw lol. I will for sure post again when the pictures are up. Thanks so much!

    @Catsparella, thank you!! I love it! lol about the litter cabinet. It is sooo pretty! I am just praying that he uses it. I am kind of afraid that he won't. He has checked it out but I now have both litter boxes in the bathroom and he hasn't tried the new box yet. Probably cause the old one is there too. The prints I ordered after seeing them on your blog are at Michael's being will see them on the wall when I photograph them. I am sooo excited to show you! Loved Deb's mention of you on her blog today...I tried to leave a comment but it wouldn't let me. I have had trouble there before trying to leave a comment. I will have to go back and try again. Wish I had been in NY to meet you guys, would have been a blast!

    @Cara n Crew, thank you! I know! Cody DOES look like a "stuffie" in that video! MOL!

    @Benny & Lily, I would love NOTHING MORE than to make you honorary office helpers!! OMG I would laugh and laugh! Come on over! xoxo

    @houndstooth...ohhhh my Mom and I would LOVE to see your greyhound room!!! Send us pics!! We want to see! xoxoxo

    @Kitty Stampede...thank YOU for YOUR fabulous comment! You are sooo nice! "Blobby Cody" OMG I love it! We should get together and compare our kitty "stuff"...I have soooo much more! No place to put things! Yep! Tuna is a more feminine version of Mr.Puddy! So happy you stopped by, thank you!

    @Bloggin bout my boys, thank you!!! Ohhhh yesss...Cody is such a hard worker, isn't he??? lol

  45. That's a lovely work place but I think it's more like Cody's room instead of your mom's office! I love the video and the wall colour is terrific, that's one of my favourite colours!!!Your mom has good taste and fashionable, Cody!!!

  46. It looks so lovely...lots of Cody's pictures there ;)

  47. Love it. Loved hearing your Moms voice. Thanks for sharing Cody!

  48. Wow, thanks for the tour of your office! LOVE the new paint color! Cody really was in a deep sleep!


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