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The Most Expensive Cat Breeds-A Guest Blog By Heather Reynolds, Trupanion Pet Insurance

Cats are known for their curious personalities and independent nature, traits that can sometimes be what we love most about them. But like I mentioned in my guest post on cat myths, our feline friends are not immune to trouble, and most certainly do not have nine lives. They can become ill, either by genetics or by germs, and they can hurt themselves while exploring their environment.

While any cat breed can require expensive veterinary care, I have taken a look at the Trupanion database and have determined the five most expensive cat breeds based on claims submitted by Trupanion policyholders.

"Kokoro" Ragdoll Cat
The Ragdoll comes in as the fifth most expensive. According to Trupanion databases, policyholders have spent $40,442.41 on the Ragdoll breed, with 93% associated with illnesses and 7% associated with accidents. The average claim amount is $277.70.

"Angel" Max, Maine Coon Cat
Trupanion databases show that the Maine Coon is the fourth most expensive cat breed. Claims for this breed equal $63,683.01, with 90% associated with illnesses and 10% associated with accidents. The average claim amount is $313.81.
Himalayan Cats

Third in line in most expensive cat breeds is the Himalayan. Himalayan cats are a cross-breed of a Siamese cat and a Persian cat. Trupanion policyholders have spent $69,449.29 on this breed, 98% for illnesses and 2% for accidents. The average claim amount is $215.99.

"Aanjay" Bengal Cat
 Second most expensive cat breed is the Bengal. Claims for Bengal cats equal $73,408.67, with 96% associated with illnesses and 4% associated with accidents. The average claim amount is $364.95.

"Stormy" Siamese Cat
And the cat that ranked the most expensive by Trupanion databases is the Siamese. Siamese cats are one of the oldest breeds of domestic cats. Claims for this breed total $74,638.91, with 77% related to illnesses and 23% related to accidents. The average claim amount is $396.44.

What do you think? If you own one of these cat breeds, have you had to incur high veterinary costs? Do you think cat insurance would be helpful in these situations?

Heather Reynolds is a pet lover and internet journalist at Trupanion, a pet insurance company. Feel free to contact her with any questions related to pet insurance  heather.reynolds@trupanion.com.


  1. Ohhhh Rumblemum is frowning... Inigo is a Ragdoll (and we know how he is) and I (Rumbles) am a Maine Coon!

    We're sure happy Rumblemum got us both health insurance!!

  2. "Yikes!" I'm glad Moby is a very healthy cat!
    I am SO in love with Aanjay.

  3. One of my neighbours used to have a Siamese. He's gorgeous!!! There is a Bengal breeder in Malaysia too, I've heard that the Bengal price is very high as well. Thanks for sharing the info. I've heard of the first three expensive breeds and now I've learnt two more : )

  4. I find it interesting that these are all "purebred" cats. I actually prefer the "alley" cat types. Herman is potentially an expensive cat because of his virii, but I doubt I could get insurance for him because of his condition. I spend about $70 a month on his medications, but that is going down because he is so healthy at present. I am glad that you are coming to his Gotcha Day Party.

  5. OMC $74,000 for a cat. Of course we're worth it, but HH couldn't have afforded me if I cost that much... Thanks for an interesting post.


  6. Years ago, I had pet insurance for my dog. I wasn't happy with it at all. As soon as she started getting sick, they started to deny her claims.... they said they already paid the maximum per her illness. I felt it was a waste of money -which is also how I feel about dental insurance...

  7. @Inigo I truly think that anything can happen to any cat....I appreciate everyone's feedback because I do not have insurance for either of my pets and I like hearing both sides. I am glad that it is working for you!

  8. @alittlesprite...yes Aanjay looks like a little leopard to me only with bigger marks!

  9. @Priscilla, the Siamese in the photo is owned by Lisa of Lisa's Cat Lovers pages and I love Bengals too!

  10. Hi Karen Jo and happy "Gotcha Day" to Herman!! So glad you stopped by! I hope that Herman continues to get better and better!! I actually prefer alley cats too (both of the cats that I had were rescues). Since I met Kokoro and a few other kitties though I have fallen in love with the purebreds....I wouldn't get one unless it was at a rescue though. I understand completely!

  11. @Hilary, thanks so much for your input! As I said I love hearing BOTH sides because I don't have health insurance for my pets. When you mentioned dental insurance did you mean for humans?

  12. Our mum had never had insurance on any of her other cats but her friend said she thought as we came from a bad beginning she thought it would be a good idea. Mum thought long and hard but decided to go ahead with insurance - it wasn't long before she had to make a claim on Hannah's policy as she had a persistant cough which after lots of appointments and x rays later they found she had asthma so mum was pleased she had the policy. On the other paw she hasn't made a claim on me yet. Thank goodness. Luv Lucy

  13. I had debated about health insurance on Clarissa & Sable when they were younger, but decided to forgo the expense. And now, with 15 I know I can't afford it. None of my cats are purebreds, although we think Memphis is a Siamese/Manx mix. He looks Siamese but is completely tail-less. Not even a little stump or tuft of fur. Lily definitely cost us in one big lump sum for her surgery, but overall we have been lucky.

  14. Wow -- that is a really cool post and good information for people to consider when bringing a cat into their family and/or considering pet insurance.

    I don't have insurance on my cats either, but if I had a cat that was more susceptible to illness, I might consider it.

  15. Peeps thought about getting insurance for me when I was microchipped but made the wrong decision and I cost them about $1000 more in vet bills this year. Anyhoo, I'm glad I'm a moggie and not some fancy smancy snooty purebred. Pop decided he likes Bengals but you know I'm a lot more stunning!

  16. All my furkids ar Moggies, but Felix's dislocated kneecap was $1800 (orthopedic surgery!) and Grayce's bladder stone surgery was $800.
    Mogs can be expensive, too!

  17. Caren, sorry, I should have clarified... Yes, I meant for humans....

  18. @Hannah and Lucy thanks for the feedback! I am hoping your Mom doesn't have to make a claim on you too!
    I guess I better do something about getting some before something IS wrong!

  19. Clarissa OMC you have 15 cats!? How do you ever manage? I could never handle 15! You must have quite a large house! Do you have a large yard too? Are they indoor/outdoor cats?
    I hope you continue to be lucky!

  20. Hi Angie! I am may have to consider it one day, I feel the same as you.
    Not sure if you saw my Monday post...if you didn't, check it out, there are a ton of quotes on it that you may like!

  21. Cathy yes you ARE stunning! Awww not all purebreds are snooty! I know a few that aren't snooty one bit! It wasn't their fault they are pure breds lol.
    I just told Angie and now I will mention to you if you get a chance check out my blog from Monday....lots of cool cat quotes on there!

  22. @Katnip Lounge, do you have insurance though?

  23. Very beautiful cats....
    I do not know... our cats heathly ....We have not so like problem....
    I have not cat in our family...
    But we have a lot of cats in our factory...We have new kittens ...And we love them and feed them...
    I love the cats....Wonderful animals...

  24. I ma also very happy that I found so beautiful cool blog...

  25. My Maine Coon was awesome, but I must say--that Bengal cat pictured is REALLY cool. :)

    Oh yeah. We're talking about expenses, sorry...

  26. Thank you for everyone's comments! This is such a fun and active site!

    @Karen Jo You are right that pet insurance companies will not cover any illnesses that are pre-existing to the policy's date. So, anything related to Herman's current condition wouldn't be covered. But anything not related to that (like accidents - curious little beings as they are!) would be covered going forward.

    @Hilary I'm sorry you didn't have a good experience with pet insurance. I know some companies have a maximum amount they will pay per illness. Trupanion doesn't have that.

    Thanks again for all your comments! I'm so happy to hear some of you have been saved huge vet bills because of pet insurance!

  27. Amin thanks so much for your comments and we are happy to have you here too!

  28. @Jackie your Maine Coon was BEYOND HANDSOME!!! Thank you for sharing him!

  29. @Heather, thanks soooooooo much for popping in! It is so nice to have you here answering questions! Go for it!!!

  30. Hilary OMG I used to feel exactly the same as you until I lost my job a few years back and had NO DENTAL. Sure enough I had dental work that needed to be done and it is hugely expensive!!
    I just had to have a bridge made for 3 teeth (these things don't usually happen til you get old like me lol).....but it is soooooooo important!

  31. whew!! glad I have mangy pound kitties!!! -Ms. Z.

  32. I'm betting these stats for insured cats are skewed toward purebreeds for a couple of reasons. First, it's easy to classify them by specific breed, whereas mixed-breeds (or "alley cats", "moggies", etc.) can only be classified in a very non-specific way (such as "other").

    Second is the sheer cost involved. Although even some pedigreed cats can be adopted for not a lot of money, they're still nearly always going to cost considerably more than adopting a non-pedigreed cat... so it makes sense that a higher percentage of parents with pedigreed furkids would be springing for the insurance, as well.

    I've had a Siamese-mix who lived to 17, and a non-ped Ragdoll who succumbed to cancer at 9 1/2. My mom, on the other hand, has had both a number of regular cats who turned up on her doorstep as strays AND a non-pedigreed Ragdoll who all lived to be in their early 20s. You just never know...

    I don't, btw, have insurance for my 4-yr-old Ragdoll, although I do consider it sometimes. :)

  33. @GlamKitty, you make some very valid points!
    Thanks for sharing them!
    I know what you mean about considering the insurance "sometimes"...I do too...quite often! Other things just seem to always come first.

  34. Ms.Z, no kitties are "mangy pound kitties!!" xoxo

  35. Thanks for sharing this great information!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  36. @Oskar thanks so much for stopping by and you are most welcome!!!

    Nose taps on your wet doggie nose!

  37. We do plan getting our Kokoro insurance, this week in fact. The earlier the better. I also know his entire genetic history, which helps a lot. Koko comes from a very reputable breeder. The Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy mutant gene seems to run in rags (apparently this is also prevalent in Coons too.) Yup Koko haz a Coon gene or two! I think that explains his glorious ear tuffs. He screened negative. This is why it's so important when you do get a purebred animal to go through a reputable breeder who goes that extra mile in the breeding process. Our rescue tabby Oogie is as tough as nails. We love ALL kitties!

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  39. Hi Rosy!
    Nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by! Would love to see photos of your cute cat! :)

  40. "If you own one of these cat breeds, have you had to incur high veterinary costs? Do you think cat insurance would be helpful in these situations?"

    If they cost so expensive, I really need a veterinary for them, and even think about an insurance for them. Though, in reality, I could settle for a simple cat that I could just ask for my neighbor to give me. Practical and at no expense. haha. :)

    Thanks for sharing,
    Cathy@custom digitizing

  41. I've just started a blog about living with cat types. Hope you don't mind me linking it?

    1. if you are going to be posting a link, then you better be darned sure you are following my blog......if not......the link will be removed

  42. Ragdolls are the best kind of cat in the world, until you have met one, then you'll never know what I'm talking about.


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