Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Is No "Treat" for our furry felines!

Ahhhh Halloween!! That wonderful time of year where we can hear the leaves crunch beneath our feet, ghouls and goblins lurk around every bend, delicious candy and snacks are plentiful, who wouldn't like such a fun holiday? Well, I'll tell you who....CATS that's who!! (for that matter dogs too but that is something for someone else to handle since this blog is devoted to CATS!!)

Halloween can pose special dangers to our precious pets that we must be aware of. I did some searching this morning and found some good tips on catster.com, these tips were presented by Karen Nichols.....I have taken the liberty to change some of them in the interest of space. Let's "pawse" and reflect about these potential hazards:

1) Even if your cat is a social gadabout, do not let he/she out unattended on Halloween (or near Halloween for that matter) Black cats are in greater danger than many others due to some evil minds that want to expose them to awful "tricks" on Halloween.

2) Always make sure your cat is either microchipped or wears a collar (good rule of thumb for all year) but especially if he/she becomes "spooked" at Halloween and takes off for parts unknown.

3) CANDY IS A HAZARD!! That goes for candy wrappers as well. They can cause choking and chocolate can be toxic! Also candies that contain artificial sweeteners! Never, ever leave candy laying around unattended. Remember:"curiosity killed the cat"

4) Confine your cat to one room if you are hosting a party or when trick-or treaters are at your door.

5) Candles and lit pumpkins can be a hazard. Cats are naturally curious. Tails can be accidentally singed, fires can be started due to being knocked over. Opt for battery powered lights instead.

6) Watch wires and cords from electrical lights etc....the cat could possibly experience a life threatening electrical shock. You do not want a fried kitty!!

7) I am totally against dressing cats up for Halloween, but if you must please try the costume on he/she well in advance to see how well he/she handles it. Make sure the costume enables her to see, breathe, hear and move around comfortably. Never leave the cat unattended while still in costume.

8) Cats do not enjoy Halloween parades!! They are scary and are torture for your cat! Enter the cat's photo in an online photo contest instead. This also includes refraining from taking the cat trick or treating....the noises and extra stimulation are the purrfect invitation for the kitty to "exit stage left"

9) If you are leaving for the night leave the TV or radio on throughout the evening to distract the cat from outside noises that might be frightening to the cat.

Follow these tips to help ensure that you and your cat have a Halloween that is only full of kitty approved treats and totally trick-free!!


  1. Dear Ms. Gittleman, Those are wonderful pointers about cats and Halloween. Some tips were probably never thought of before such as the electrical wiring. I do have a concern though, if I dressed my dog, Dusty, up as a cat, would the kitty community be offended?! Love your blog and it read it every time you post. Keep up the good work! Your dog pal, Susan!

  2. I dressed the cat up once,(Goldilocks) will wait for mail-order body armor to arrive before trying THAT one again :(

  3. What is your opinion about letting your cat outdoors? Is keeping a cat inside meeting all it's needs? Love your blog!

  4. thanks so much for the comments!!
    To Susan,
    I am sure we would be proud to have Dusty dressed as a cat! The question is, can Dusty to live up to all of the expectations associated with being a cat?

    To "Anonymous"....I will answer your question in an upcoming blog....this week!!

    Thanks for the comments/feed back!


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